30 May 2014

Exposure Show 2014

Last Friday, I attended the Exposure Show over at the International Centre in Toronto. I go every year and it's one of my favourite expos. This year, I went with one of my best friends, and we had so much fun!

There are models and displays set up to photograph, often so that companies such as Nikon can demonstrate their newest offerings. And it's not only cameras at this expo. Lighting equipment, backdrops, and even Wacom makes a presence. Henry's also hosts a huge retail section for you to get anything you could ever need or want, and for you to sell your old equipment as well.

This year, Nikon had a Lego display set up for you to try their D7100s. I really love Lego and all the things you can do with it and how detailed they've gotten with their newest sets. I really couldn't resist.

The display had a lot of things going on, from that car chase to a date on a balcony, to Spiderman! (Doc Oc is juuust out of frame!)

My favourite booth every year is the exotic animals. While we were there, the booth had parrots, wallabies, and their famous ring-tailed lemur (named King Julien). While I didn't get a clear photo of Julien since he moved around a lot and clung to people's shoulders and hair, I did get a bunch of photos of almost everything else.

This crow is apparently a European breed, and is actually fully flighted! She's pretty well-trained though, and only ran off once while we were there.

Since we were allowed to go into the pen in small groups, I got to be up close to all of these animals! They don't often stay still long enough to be photographed, but they are attracted to the camera. You can see just how close they got!

That last one is the baby wallaby, which I believe is named Tigger! He's also small enough to squeeze through the bars around the pen, which he did while trying to steal food. What a cutie. ♥

Well, that's all for this year's Exposure Show, and I'm definitely headed back next year! I'm already excited.

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