29 May 2014

Made with Studio

One of the things I really like about smartphones are camera and design apps. I don't really play games on my phone, but I do use it to take photos. So, I've spent a lot of time finding the best photography apps on the market, and one of my favourites is Studio.

Studio is an app mainly for text overlays, with hundreds of choices of pre-designed text and drawing overlays as well as the option for customised text. The best part about Studio is how easy it is to use!

You can put some simple filters over your photo and plop a design on top, and voila! There are so many designs to choose from, so you'd never really need to use the same thing twice.

When you start up Studio, you sign up for an account, since there are some social aspects of the app. You can share designs and see what's trending, and follow other users. One of their main features is the "remix," which allows you to take the design from someone else's photo and use it on top of a photo of your own. When you create a new design, you can select to take a photo using your built-in camera app, to choose an existing photo from your gallery, or to not have a photo at all.

As for your design, you can overlay more than one design per photo, and change colour and opacity individually. This following photo has three separate overlays on top of the original image.

You can check out more about Studio on their website. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users, so I highly recommend looking it up no matter your device!

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