13 June 2014

Make-Up Review: BECCA Beach Tint in Guava

I've been on the hunt for a cute blush for the summer, and when I headed to Sephora, a BECCA rep was there and offered to help me find the perfect peachy-pink shade I was looking for. I asked for something matte, and she suggested the Beach Tints.

I was pretty skeptical at first, since I'm not familiar with liquid blushes at all. But the rep squeezed out some product to test on the back of my hand, and it came out moussey and beautiful. I tried it in the shade Guava on my face and loved it so much that I bought a bottle on impulse.

BECCA's Beach Tints are described on the Sephora website as "A créme stain that tints lips and cheeks with a natural wash of color." When I first got this cheek tint (and I planned on using it exclusively as a cheek tint), the consistency of the product was definitely a mousse. However, after only a couple uses, it's become more watery. I thought that this was the product separating, but no matter how much I shake the bottle, it was just as watery. So, no, it's not always going to stay a "créme" product. I was actually very disappointed.

However, when I used the Beach Tint again for this post, I found that the texture had sort of "met in the middle" and become a smooth cream. It is no longer as watery, but I don't know how long this new cream texture will last. You can see its current texture in the photo below.

Guava is described as a bright coral pink, but to me it's a little peachier than that. However, it does look really bright when you first see it.

I looked at reviews of the Beach Tints online, and some people pointed out that there's a fruity scent that they just can't get on board with. I'm the opposite. I absolutely love how this smells. Yes, it's very fruity, but I've always known I'm into fruity scents. In my opinion, it's not strong at all. The other complaints from reviewers is that it's drying on the lips. I haven't tested it out on my lips and don't plan to.

Here's a small swatch on my arm, unblended and blended. The blended out swatch is about a third of the unblended swatch.

Since my face is a little darker than my inner arm, it looks much less garrish when it's on my cheeks. I spread a little between my index fingers and pat on the colour where I want it concentrated before blending it out.

It took me a long time and three really thin, sheer layers to build it up to a colour that my camera could capture. I could barely see one layer by eye in any light, but I could definitely see it at two layers. I'm also not wearing anything on my skin except moisturiser and a light dusting of powder to prevent my skin from getting too oily.

So, to sum up:
Pros: I'm in love with the colour, it's natural-looking, and it's water-resistant, if not waterproof. A small amount also goes a long way.
Cons: Its texture is inconsistent and varies all the way from mousse to runny liquid. It's also rather expensive for such a teeny bottle ($30CAD for 0.24oz).

Unfortunately, I will be returning it to Sephora because no matter how much I love the colour, I don't like how inconsistent the texture is. There's got to be colour dupes, right??? If you know any matte (or slightly shimmery) blush colour dupes, can you please let me know??? I would really appreciate it! 

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