30 June 2014

OOTDs and What I've Been Up To

This past week's been super hectic, just as previously described, but I do have some OOTDs to share.

I'm not too good at taking non-blurry photos while in a rush to get out the door, so please forgive me about the blurriness of some of these! (The second one was taken in an elevator! How's that for rush?)

In the meantime, I've been staffing at a summer retreat to train new staff members for the youth group I'm in. The retreat was this past weekend, running from 7am-9pm on both Saturday and Sunday. I work as a photographer and also do photo-retouching as a part of the Documentary Team.

But even though I've been at the retreat, I did manage to get time where I wasn't busy and so I could relax. And what I did was play Pocket Planes on my phone! It's a cute, simple and non-stressful game that you don't really have to check all day. You're really waiting for things for the most part, instead of a high-speed action-y, arcade-y game. It was perfect for killing time between lectures and events during the weekend.

Pocket Planes is available for both Android and IPhone.

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