18 July 2014

Forest in a City

A month or so ago, I went on a mini-adventure walk with my boyfriend through one of the forest trails within the city. It's really one of my favourite places to go during the summer! I love that so much greenery is still accessible, even though I live right near a lively city centre. And I didn't even have to leave the city boundaries!

I didn't manage to get that many photos this trip, since I also wanted to explore as much as I could of the trails. The main trail actually extends farther both north and south of this particular "park" boundaries, but the woods itself is already quite expansive.

There's one main river that runs through the city, and it's actually open for recreational fishing for most of the year, but it's a catch-and-throw-back setting. I remember, one autumn when I was a kid, I'd walked through these woods with my family and we realised there were also salmon swimming upriver. But, we didn't notice any fish during this particular trek.

I'd definitely be going back again, though I might have to wait til the fall; things are picking up at school and I'm getting much busier!

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