20 July 2014

Instagram #ThePhotoExchange

My good friend Ahya from lifeonagoldenplatter invited me to join the Instagram trend #thephotoexchange. Two users/photographers exchange photos to edit them, and the results are usually vastly different from the other's edits!

My own tried-and-true editing method involves saturating colours and increasing the contrast. I also like using focal blur and vignettes. This "style" is just so easy to spot on my Instagram so I definitely wanted to see how someone else would edit my pics.

Click through to see the original and the edits!

Here's the original photo that Ahya sent me, straight from the camera and unedited. I picked this particular photo because diagonals are so visually interesting, and there's some spots of colour that I'd make pop.

Copyright © Ahya
Here's her edit, found on her Flickr. There isn't much of a difference, but you can see it's a little bit brighter than the raw image.

Copyright © Ahya
And finally, here's my edit for Instagram. I edited using my favourite photo editing app, Pixlr Express, which is available as a web app, for IPhone and for Android.

I totally love this photo exchange idea, and I can't wait to see what Ahya does with the photo I sent her!

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