10 July 2014

Make-Up Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Today's review is for the Maybelline Baby Lips! I'll be talking about Cherry Me from the original line and Beam of Blush from their new Crystal Collection.

The Baby Lips are advertised as moisturing and contains SPF 20. They also supposedly last eight hours. Let's take a look at these claims and how the products actually compare.

Maybelline's Baby Lips certainly has a cult following online, with new lines and colours constantly being released. The original Baby Lips line has six shades, but it does vary for each specific line. First and foremost, these products are lip balms and are sheer tints. None have heavy pigmentation, so most shades will go with every skin tone!

I own the shades Cherry Me, Beam of Blush, and Quenched. Only two of these are tinted, so I will only talk about Quenched briefly. I also used to own Peach Kiss but I didn't like the shade, glitter and scent so I tossed it.

As a whole, I find that the Baby Lips are moisturising and super easy to apply. They've never dried out my lips and I actually use Quenched as my everyday lip balm. They're pretty glossy, so they give shine and interest to your lips while still doing their job. I don't think the Baby Lips hold up for the claimed eight hours, but I think I'd reapply three times during the day, which includes after a meal. However, I find that they do apply a little patchy sometimes, and you'll be able to see this in the lip swatches at the very end. But first, I'll talk about each shade individually.

Cherry Me is a sheer red tint, but the red is a bit on the orangey side in real life. It's a little warmer than the reds I normally gravitate to, but because it's just a tint it does work on me. It smells like cherry candy and I love the scent so much!
I use this one a lot in the summer time and at school, when I don't want to go all-out in a bright red lip. This one does not contain glitter. And despite how easy it is to apply, I still like using a mirror just so I can get the cupid's bow just right.

Beam of Blush is a part of the new collection of Baby Lips. It's a light pinky-nude colour and it smells like the old-school bubblegum scent! It's such a sweet scent that I didn't expect to like as much as I do. Light-coloured tinted balms tend to settle in the lines on my lips, and this one is the same. I find that I can feel the glitter when I'm swiping it on, but I can't feel the glitter once it's on my lips. I love the colour and I've been using it like a gloss since I got it.
I've been doing some research and it seems they came out in June in the U.S, but I've only seen them in Canada since the start of July. Ther are six shades, all of which contain shimmer. Some people have said that the formula is improved, but I don't really see a difference.

From left to right: Cherry Me, Beam of Blush
Once again, the Baby Lips products are super sheer and are not really buildable. Both swatches above are three layers.

Please click to view.
As you can see, Cherry Me applied a little patchy and this same patch is a little less obvious on the lighter Beam of Blush. If you need a reference for what my natural lip looks like, please refer to my Revlon Lip Butters review.

• easy application
• moisturising
• usually great sweet scents
• very portable

• glitter in some shades
• sheer

• do not taste as good as they smell
• can be patchy

In summary, I do love them and I plan to keep using Quenched as my default lip balm during the day. For around $4CAD, I think they're great products. Target also often has 2 for $6 sales for these! 

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