22 August 2014

Back to School Wishlists

September is coming, and that means it's almost time for me to go back to school! I'll be a university third year this fall. Exciting, right?

That being said, I've been feeling uninspired these past few days. I had a project deadline on Wednesday but it's done. I'll be staffing at a summer retreat next week, so I'll try to queue some stuff up before then.

Even though I couldn't figure out what really to post, I decided to stick to that "new school year" theme and make a few wishlist collages! I don't think I'll be heading into stores with wallet in hand, but it's nice to dream. As it is, I buy too many things too often.

Every fall and winter, I always lament the fact that I don't own very many warm sweaters. Even though I've lived in Toronto for so many years, I still deny how cold the winters can get. It dropped to -30°C far too often last winter for my liking! So thicker sweaters are definitely on the wishlist. I was also going to include a couple cute booties but I just bought a pair I'm totally in love with, so off they list they go! I've been searching for the perfect pair of super pale-wash jeans, preferably high waisted and skinny and without distressing. So far, this is the perfect one, even if they are actually jeggings.

From left to right, top to bottom:

Back to school also means getting out of my house more often, and that means wearing make-up more often. The cooler weather invites richer lip colours. I don't need anymore, but I do want so many. (Can you see my colour preference?) I've been wanting to try out Bite Beauty lip things as well as the Too Faced liquid lipstick. I've heard so many things and I really want to try it for myself. As for that Sephora lipstick, I own one in 21 Meet My Pink and I love it. It really didn't get enough use this summer and I definitely want more shades...

From left to right:

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