18 August 2014

Make-Up Review: Maybelline Dream Fresh BB

Today's make-up review is for Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB, of which I own the shade Light/Medium Sheer Tint.

I won't be showing swatches of this product on my face, for one huge reason that I'll talk about below. 

I've had this BB cream for a little while now, and I remember using it a little bit when I first got it last year but hated it so much that it's just been sitting on my dresser since. I knew it wasn't moisturising and that it doesn't give any coverage, but I forgot why I absolutely hated it. So, a few weeks ago, I decided to give it another go. 
Upon opening the tube and squeezing some onto my hand, I realised that the scent is awful. Unfortunately, I can't truly describe what it smells like, but I can say that it smells a little like an old-school topical cream at the very least. 

Anyway, I thought, "Oh, it just smells bad," and proceed to use it on my face anyway. Several hours later, I checked up on my make-up and realised that at least three new tiny pimples have popped up on my face. Since I was out, I couldn't remove it immediately and had to deal with the product on my face. Later that night, I found a prime example of cystic acne on my chin, where I had applied the most product. It was red, swollen, and it hurt. The rest of my face had red spots all over it, where the other pimples popped up and started to heal. I'm suddenly super grateful that my normal foundation doesn't make it worse and actually makes them heal faster!

It's been several weeks since I used this product and started writing this post, and I'm happy to say that my skin healed up as best as it could, but there's some residual redness from the acne.

Here's a photo for colour matching. I've got the shade Light/Medium Sheer Tint. Blended out, it ended up looking a little more pink-toned than my actual skin in natural light. The unblended swatch shows accurate colour, though.

Trying to come up with the pros of this BB cream from Maybelline was difficult, and I really can't think of that many. 

• lightweight

• few shades

• smells strange
• zero coverage
• zero moisturising properties
• causes acne breakout

I really don't recommend this product to anyone. I already consider my skin-type "normal," meaning that although I fight hormonal and diet-related acne, breakouts aren't a usual thing now that I'm out of that puberty stage. It does get a little oilier during the summer, but my skincare routine prevents this from becoming a problem. There's just not much I can say about a product that not only does not improve my skin, but actively makes it worse.

I know there are a lot of good reviews for this product, which was probably why I purchased it in the first place. But I'm severely disappointed in it. It will most likely work for a lot of people, but it did not work for me. 

Have you tried this product? Do you have a better BB cream recommendation? Let me know in the comments! 

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