5 August 2014

Make-Up Review: Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio

As most of my friends know, I'm a huge fan of eyeliner and I rarely go out of my home without it. Although I'm more of a liquid liner lady (yes, I need the alliteration), I do have pencil liners for those errands that take me more than steps from my door.

Pencil liners are easy to use and super functional for various looks, which makes them great for beginners and pros alike! Today's review is on the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio Universal Looks in Nude and a loner from a mostly used-up set of the Nude Collection's Warm Nude.

Fair warning, this is a long, text-heavy post!
First, I want to say that these are my favourite pencil liners ever, though I've noticed a few more drawbacks since almost switching entirely to waterproof liquid liners. I'll note everything in the review!

Colour-wise, I'll only be specifically talking about the Nude and Warm Nude sets because those are the only ones I have on hand. I've previously also bought the Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Eyeliner Trio in the Brown Eyes set, which contains Espresso, Purple and Black.

Please also note that those silver lines on the caps were added in by me, so I can easily distinguish the shades in semi-darkness during lazy mornings. They don't actually come with stripes on the caps!

So let's dive into the review! Since I've own(ed) various trios from this line, I think I'll be able to provide a good overview of all the eyeliner trios, excepting colour. I find that these liners are super creamy and easy to apply. They don't drag and pull on the eyelid, but can pull if it has dried from non-use. But don't worry, because these come with a little plastic sharpener conveniently attached to the end of every pencil! If it's a little dry, just sharpen off the outside layer and it'll be good as new.

All of the liners from the Shimmer Strips line do contain glitter, but the actual colour of the glitters vary. The Brown Eyes set contains purple glitter in all the shades, whereas the Nude set contains gold glitters. Although you can see it on the pencils and in swatches, the glitter is not noticable when applied on the eyes. All the sets also contain a black liner, but the glitters are different. I do like that a black is included in every set, since it's the one that generally gets the most use anyway.

They do need some time to set, however. I've found that some shades do transfer a little bit if I open my eyes entirely immediately after applying. I do like using a primer, but there isn't much difference visually though lasting power is definitely increased (for reference, I use the Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer). Once set, however, these liners don't budge too much. I've rubbed my eyes before by accident and nothing moved. It was a miracle. These liners are also water-resistant, but I wouldn't go so far to say it's waterproof: they'll definitely fade. Also note that these liners won't stay on the waterline. They'll either wash away entirely or move into your lash line instead. I do find that long days will make the pigment move around and I generally get transfer in the outer corners of my eyes after 6+ hours.

Clean-up or removal is generally pretty easy. I like using a waterproof eye make-up remover for these liners, because they are a little waterproof. The oil-based remover I use just makes removal super easy, and then I just rinse off the remover after. However, during the long days I do wear pencil liners, I clean up under my eyes just using any lotion I have on hand. I just dab the lotion on top of smudges, let it absorb a little and wipe off with a tissue. This lotion trick is super useful when I'm not wearing other make-up on my face!

Now for the specific shades I have on hand.

From top to bottom: Champagne, Pewter, Black, Bronze
The Nude trio contains Champagne, Pewter and Black. As I've mentioned, this set's liners contain gold glitter that aren't noticeable when worn on the eyes. Champagne is a light taupe colour, which I generally pair with black for a double-liner look. Pewter looks greyer than it really is, and I think it's more of an ashy brown that gives my eyes definition without being too strong or dramatic. The glitter in the black liner is the most noticeable out of the three, but gold glitter in black liner is just so classy that I don't mind at all.

The Warm Nude trio contains Copper, Bronze and Black. This set's liners contain a coppery glitter. Of the three, only Bronze has remained; I've given away Copper to my sister since it's too warm and looks strange with my skin tone and I've used up the black one. Bronze is a rich brown, very true to its name. I think it's a toss-up between which I like better: Bronze or Espresso from the Brown Eyes set. Both are rich, dark and warm, but not so dark that they look black. I'm actually super reluctant to use Bronze right now, because I just love it so much and I'd rather use up the shades I don't like first.

Wearing Black

• twist-up and comes with built-in sharpener
• easy to apply
• water-resistant
• smudge-proof after it sets
• creamy texture
• lots of colour choices

• comes in threes
• contains glitter
• might require waterproof eye make-up remover

• can transfer if oily lids
• doesn't stay on waterline

These liners retail at drugstores for between $11-$16CAD, depending on where you buy it and if there's a sale. The cheapest I've ever seen it go for was about $11 at Shoppers Drug Mart during a sale. For three pencil liners, I think the $11 is worth the money. I've even bought a back-up of the Nude set during a sale, but I think that I might slowly phase out pencil liners from my make-up bag and just move to liquid liners permanently.

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