15 August 2014

Soundtrack to My Summer

I'm not quite ready for summer to end, and I'm still holding onto the hope that it's going to get ridiculously hot and sunny in September as a sort of late summer. I just love the hot weather so much, though I do wish Toronto summers weren't so humid. But, I'll make do with the sunshine however long it lasts! 

Ever since I heard of 8tracks and how easy it was to curate and share your own playlists with the web app, I've been compulsively adding playlists to my "For Future Listening" collection. I'm so happy that a lot of people have embraced 8tracks and have created so many great mixes. 

And so, before the summer ends, let's all listen to a couple more summer vibe mixes and enjoy both the bright sunshine and the cool nights. 

I hope you guys enjoyed these mixes, and don't forget to give love to the curators over on 8tracks!

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