8 September 2014

Make-Up Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Despite having pretty balanced skin, I still usually lean a little more to the side of oily, especially during the summer. This means that to achieve my preferred matte look, setting powders are a must! So today's review is for Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder.

Rimmel claims that this pressed powder controls shine for 5 hours and minimises the appearance of pores. These pressed powders come in 6 shades here in Canada, but a quick trip to the U.S. site shows 7 shades. I own 01 Transparent.

The powder comes in a simple plastic pot with a clear cover. The powder is embossed with the Rimmel crown logo, but as you can see, I've worn it down already. There's also a little ding in the powder from when I dropped the cover while handling it and it dug into the powder before I could catch it.

Basically, I just dust this powder lightly all over my face and neck after liquid foundation and concealer. I use a fluffy Quo powder brush (available at Shoppers Drug Mart).

As we all know, the preferred shade of setting powder is none at all. But, like most people, Rimmel's definition of "transparent" is more "translucent." This powder definitely still has some colour; don't be fooled by the name. However, all nitpicking aside, this stuff isn't pigmented enough to make a difference unless your skintone is far deeper than mine.

I do think that this powder lives up to its claims. I've been wearing it essentially every day for most of this summer, and I've mainly had to blot because of sweat and not oil. For example, I'd wear my make-up for about 2 hours and then walk 30+ minutes in the sun, and have to blot at the end of it. I've gone entire days without feeling like I needed to blot, but I do think that the average amount of time before I do a quick blot is about 5 hours. Which isn't bad, since that's all they claim. No sham 24-hour claims here!

The issue that most people have with transparent setting powders is that they show up white in flash photography. But I don't think that there would be trouble with that with this product because it's not actually white.

Although I rarely touch up my make-up while I'm out (though I do touch up lips), I do like carrying a bit of powder in case of emergencies. The only real downside to the Stay Matte powders is that I have to carry an extra brush if I do ever want to bring this around with me. So I don't.

• keeps me matte for 5-6 hours, as claimed
• soft, easily picked up with a brush
• no discernable pigmentation

• not truly transparent

• no built-in brush/puff for easy touch-up

The Stay Matte Pressed Powder retails for $6-10CAD for 14g, and can be found in most places that sell drugstore brand make-up. I picked mine up from Walmart for around $6, which should be regular price. These do go on sale every so often, so compare prices! It's cheap as it is, but unless you're in a rush, waiting for a cheaper price won't do any harm.

I do recommend it, since it does live up to its claims. It's my go-to powder every morning and I'll most likely repurchase it if nothing better drops itself off on my doorstep!

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