16 October 2014

Make-Up Review: L'Oreal Colour Riche Extraordinaire Lip Colours

Today's review is for L'Oreal's Colour Riche Extraordinaire lip colours. They claim to smooth lips like a balm, provide intense colour, and give shine. They also boast a unique applicator that provides precise application and is soft to the touch.
Back in September was the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). It's a huge thing in the city, and star-gazers abound. And every year, it coincides with the start of the school year at Ryerson University. I found out via Twitter that L'Oreal Canada was hosting a booth and giving away free lip products. I shared this info with my make-up-loving friends and we scurried right over to TIFF after class!

It turns out that L'Oreal is launching a new iPad app, and we all got to play with it. It's essentially a cute make-over app that lets you try on different looks. It was definitely fun to play with, but would have worked a lot better if I wasn't wearing dramatic eye liner. The app launches in November, and I'm excited to download!

After playing around with the app, we each got to take home a full-sized free Extraordinaire Lip Colour. There were 8 shades to choose from, 4 reds and 4 pinks. Because I went a couple times, and managed to use my boyfriend to convince the rep to give me an extra, I got a total 3 shades!

300 Orange Tempo is a red-leaning orange, but it's definitely orange. It's fairly pigmented for a gloss-type product. I'm also really surprised by how much I like this. I tend to steer clear of oranges and orangey-reds, since my skintone is yellow-based and I thought that it would look absolutely horrible. But it doesn't! Unfortunately, this is 100% a summer colour for me. That means that I doubt it'll get much wear now that autumn is upon us.

304 Ruby Opera is the red shade out of the three, and I'm pretty in love with it. I'm definitely a red lip kind of gal, so I am totally biased for red shades. I'm thinking this would be a less vampy red than others in my collection. The glossy finish also makes it stand out. On me, it's more red than the picture would suggest, but it's definitely a pinkish red rather than a blue-toned red.

500 Molto Mauve is the pink shade, and I think it'd be the shade I'd wear the least. It's pretty pigmented, but the colour is just not as alluring as the other shades. It's also almost dead-on for my natural lip colour. I'm never sure how to wear MLBB shades, since an untinted balm is easier to maintain through the day than a coloured lippie. Also, when I took this shade off using make-up remover, I noticed some tiny silver shimmer in it. It's not that noticeable on the lips, though.

The formula for the Extraordinaires are all the same. They're a little sticky, as I expected from a gloss product. The finish is also very glossy, and lasts quite a bit of time. I did wear Orange Tempo all day once, but I don't remember exactly how well it lasted or how often I wanted to reapply. I did take it off at one point to eat, though.

The wand picks up enough product to do both lips once I pull it out of the tube. The little slit in the middle of the wand holds product, much like a calligraphy pen nib. I think it's a great design! It's a little wider than I'm used to, but it's just as easy to apply as a doe-foot applicator.

• pigmented
• doesn't dry out the lips
• decent lasting power
• easy to apply

• has shimmer

• glossy and sticky

Overall, I think these are a great product, but definitely reserved for the summer months for me. I'm all about matte lipsticks and lip stains during the colder months, and I just don't like using glosses when I wear scarves all the time.

The L'Oreal Extraordinaire lip colours retail for about $10CAD, and you can find them at most places that sell drugstore make-up.


  1. I've only heard good things about these stains and how they are dupes for some high end brands! It's too bad that the gloss is a little too sticky - maybe try blotting it after application? It helped me with the L'Oreal stains (the one that's before this one!)

    Stephanie | theFantasia.com

    1. I've never really been a fan of glosses (even when I did call myself one and hoarded a zillion that I still mostly have...) so I can't really say what they're dupes for. I did hear great things about these, and I do like them!
      And thanks for the tip! I'll try blotting and seeing if that'll help with the stickiness. :)

  2. I find these type of hybrid-glosses to be kinda difficult to apply since they are so thick!
    I haven't tried out the L'Oreal ones though, so I guess I'll need to try them out someday.

    1. Yeah, they are quite thick, now that I think about it. But if you were ever the type to play with lip glosses about 4-5 years ago, it's really about the same LOL. Just better colour!
      So if that sort of finish/texture really turned you off, I don't think these glosses would be worth the money.