1 February 2015

New In: January

I'm planning to do a segment on my blog where I share the new cosmetic things that I've gotten during the month. I really like the idea of doing a recurring "segment." So this will be like a haul post, except it will be a total purchases from the month, instead of from one trip!

January marks the start of a new year, but also of a lot of post-holiday sales. I've been picking up a few things that I've been wanting for a while, as well as repurchases of stuff I know and love. I didn't expect that I'd have so much new stuff, but the little things do add up!

In makeup, this month I picked up:
• Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in black
• The Face Shop Face It! Velvet Skin Primer
• The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex My Lips Eat Cherry Aqua Tint in Juicy Red
• The Face Shop Lovely Me:Ex You&Eyes Eyeshadow in Cotton Lavender
• Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso
• Maybelline Great Lash Mascara
• L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation in 103 Natural Buff

In brushes:
• e.l.f. Powder Brush
• e.l.f. Angled Blush Brush
• Spa Essentials Powder Brush
• The Face Shop Lip Brush

In skincare:
• The Face Shop BabyLeaf Green Tea Waterfull Serum (repurchase)
• The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Seed Cream
• The Face Shop Chia Seed Sebum Control Moisture Cream
• Garnier Pure Control Deep Pore Exfoliating Cream Scrub (repurchase)
• Garnier Pure Control Astringent Lotion (repurchase)
• The Body Shop Body Butter in Glazed Apple
• The Body Shop Body Butter in Satsuma (repurchase)

And that's it! I ended up getting a lot more stuff than I thought I would, and I'm planning to cut down. And to use up what I already have. I think that if I share my purchases like this, I'm a lot more motivated to actually deliver on what I promise. In this case, it's buying less!

Of the new stuff, I'm in love with the Dolly Wink eyeliner, the TFS lip tint and the Spa Essentials brush (it's so soft and fluffy!). To be honest, I haven't even used everything yet...

What about you? Did you find something new to love this January?


  1. Yeah, I really like that lip tint too! I need to use it more, but my lips aren't doing so great right now :/
    The elf brushes are soooo good for the price. I really like both of those brushes :)

  2. The Face Shop chia seed creams sound really interesting. Doesn't hurt that the packaging is cute too.
    :] // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  3. Korean makeup in general is super cute, and The Face Shop is really accessible here in Toronto. I've just started using the Moisture-Holding cream, and it's pretty lightweight but moisturising. As for the Sebum Control cream, I've gotten 4+ samples before and loved it, so finally picked it up! I'll be using that once I use up the Moisture-Holding one.

  4. Awww. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! I go a little overboard, though, LBR.

    And yes, I definitely agree! The e.l.f. brushes are pretty dang soft, and so far none of mine have shed or bled blue in the wash! (Can't say the same for QUO...)

  5. Hooray for getting your hands on Luminoso! One of the first blushes I ever picked up, haha. This post has reminded me that I need to get on grabbing some ELF and Sonia Kashuk brushes before Target leaves town! :(

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

  6. Thank you! I haven't used it on my face yet, but I've swatched it and it's soooo prettyyyyy.

    And yes on the e.l.f. and Sonia Kashuk! Though the e.l.f. shelves have already been emptied for weeks at my local Target.