16 March 2015

Project 365: Mar 4 - Mar 11

Aaah! I've been super busy this past week, what with the end of term coming up and all. Term projects are definitely getting to the critical stage and much of my time is taken up by that.

That being said though, exciting things happened this week! My school at Ryerson U held its annual Job Fair, and I had the opportunity to interview and meet with a bunch of the companies in attendance. I'm hoping some of them pan out! As part of my degree, I'm intending to acquire and work an internship this summer. Completely nerve-wracking, but exciting stuff!

So let's see this week in photos...

March 5 - I'm feeling prepped for GCM Job Fair tonight! Definitely a little nervous, though!

March 7 - Of all the shades in the Wet N Wild Mega Last lipstick line, I pick these three: In the Flesh, Wine Room, Spiked with Rum. I'm seeing a trend. 

March 9 - A quilted mini, fleece tights and sky-high booties because it's in the positives but I'm still going to be out way after the sun sets (and after the temps drop again)! 

March 10 - Skulls and florals for that Romantic vibe. 

March 11 - Dinner by the bf's mom. Feeling the love <3 <3

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