20 April 2015

Makeup Review: Inglot Freedom System

Ever since Inglot Toronto opened up right on Yonge-Dundas Square, I've been ridiculously tempted to go in and play whenever I could. It's a pretty dang beautiful store. Their signature Freedom System is ingenious in my opinion, since it lets you customise your own palettes from a whole range of products. I love modular systems like that. (Lego, anyone?)

A few weeks after their grand opening, I picked up a lipstick from Inglot which I wore several times in the summer. But after doing an inventory on my makeup collection in the past few months, I decided to pick up my "perfect" contour shades from Inglot.

The sales associate suggested the HD Sculpting Powders ($17CAD), which are 5.5-gram pans that fit right into their Freedom System palettes. I picked up #503 and #505, both of which are intensely pigmented but really blendable. They're also matte, which is ideal for contouring. They do kick up powder though, so I just dab my brush into the pan to pick up product!

Because I also needed a palette for these two pans, I also picked up a 4-pan palette ($18CAD) because I knew I'd eventually want to get more products. While I was flipping through Instagram a few hours later, I realised they also carried a 2-pan palette ($10CAD) without the dividers, which would perfectly house the two I'd just bought. I returned to exchange the palette. Unfortunately, here's the problem. At this location, they've told me that they're unable to process returns, meaning that it's exchange only. So I was forced to swap out the palette and then pick something to balance out what I'd already paid. I ended up picking a Freedom System Eyeshadow (2.7 grams) ($10CAD) in the #395 (pearl finish). Let's not talk about how long it took me to pick just one.

From left to right: eyeshadow #395, sculpting powders #505 and #503

As for the lipstick ($16CAD) I picked up last year, it's #239, a bright coral-pink with a tiny bit of shimmer. I don't normally wear bright pink lipsticks, but I think this shade works well on me. And it's defnitely a fun, cheerful colour for the summer!

Wearing #239

A word on their Freedom System: I've already mentioned that I think it's great, but my favourite part is that for the blushes, sculpting powders and eyeshadows, the pans all fit together nicely in the palettes. The eyeshadow pans are half the size of the blushes and sculpting powders, and in my opinion are decently generous amounts for the price. The palettes themselves also have good, strong magnets that hold the pans in place. I think the only downside is that the cover for the palettes is also held in place by magnets, making them not travel-friendly.

• pigmented
• blendable
• customisable palettes
• friendly, expert staff

• magnets hold the covers in place
• have to buy palette separately unless you already own something similar (e.g. Z Palette, MUFE's, etc.)

• exchange only, no refunds
• palettes are not travel-friendly
• I kind of want everything whenever I walk in

I know Inglot made waves when they first opened back in September, but some things like lack of returns can really deter potential customers! Honestly, I prefer buying from Sephora over lots of other makeup retailers because they have one of the best return policies I've encountered. But honestly, I love the eyeshadows and blushes and I'm pretty sure I'll be coming back. 

So my advice is know what you're getting into when you pay a visit to the store on Yonge-Dundas Square. For anyone who loves makeup, swatching any of the eyeshadows will probably make you a little giddy! Dat pigmentation. 

What do you think? 


  1. Great review! I'm surprised that it's not travel friendly but I guess it makes sense given it's all magnetic! I love being able to customize a 3 or 4 color palette and bringing that for travel, still trying to find my perfect small palette haha!

    Raincouver Beauty

  2. The magnets are pretty strong, but I've knocked it hard enough to shift the cover. I wouldn't want that to happen while it's in a makeup bag, so I'm calling it travel-unfriendly LOL.

    I highly recommend Inglot eyeshadows, but MAC and MUFE both have a similarly sized small palette that you can customize. I don't travel enough to warrant a "travel palette" though. Besides, I love having options! :D

  3. That is disappointing that it has to be exchanges. I love Inglot! I made my SIL get my palette when she was in Vegas before they opened up here and the price was a great deal cheaper than filling a MAC palette. :) I have yet to go to the new one, but only because it is best for my wallet right now. Like you said, I know I'll want everything! You've picked some great shades that are perfect on you!

    Wendy | Fashionable Heart

  4. That lipstick colour is so pretty and perfect for spring! I wonder if a Vancouver location will be open some time. Having no returns suck though, some makeup product can't work for everyone!

  5. Yeah, the prices really are great, which makes it all the much harder when you do walk in LOL.
    Thank you! ♥

  6. Thank you!
    I have no idea if they'll open another Canada location. I heard they closed down the one in Montreal to focus on Toronto? But maybe if Toronto's is successful enough, they'll expand!
    And right?? But what I have right now works for me, so I'm glad of that. :)

  7. You are totally right, that lipstick looks sooooooo good on you. Wow at the no returns...I had no idea. I bought a couple of eyeshadows from Inglot in the winter and I had no idea about that. Luckily all the shades worked out pretty well (not sure if they would exchange used product?)

    I actually bought a Z palette just because I knew I was going to get the eyeshadows. Plus I want to get makeup geek shadows eventually too. ;)