7 April 2015

Makeup Review: NYX Wicked Dreams Eyeshadow Palette

Finally another makeup review! I feel like I haven't done one in forever, which is probably true. Today's review will be about NYX's Wicked Dreams eyeshadow palette!

I convinced my sister to give me this palette for Christmas, and I've been wanting to do a review since then. I've obviously put it off for a while... :P

So how does the palette hold up?

So NYX's site describes these shadows as:
Wicked sexy. This enchanting palette of 24 velvety eye shadows ranges from barely-there naturals to rich, highly pigmented jewel tones. Extremely blendable, with 2 dual-ended applicators and large mirror, it'll make all your beauty dreams come true...the more wicked the better.

As you can see, I've already been using it, some shades more than others. To be honest though, doing the swatches for this post was the first time I've touched some of the colours! The palette contains 24 shadows, with a good range of neutrals as well as more colourful shades.

The packaging for the palette is a sleek black plastic case, with a sizable mirror. The outside plastic is matte, but holds onto little bits of powder and dirt. Mine already looks a little worse for wear. The palette also comes with two applicators.

Top row

Middle Row

Bottom Row
As you can see in the swatches, there's definitely inconsistent pigmentation. However, I really expected this since NYX is still a drugstore brand. There is also a good distribution between matte and shimmer shades. I chose not to boost the saturation of any of these photos in Photoshop because I want to keep as true-to-life as possible, though that means some shades come off a little lackluster. All of these were swatched without primer underneath.

I'm only going to go through some things to note, and not talk about every single shade in the palette. If you have any specific shades you want me to talk about, just comment and I'll answer your questions!

Top row: The only "white" in this palette is the second from the right, and only looks white. There are actually pink shimmers in it that make it reflect very very pink! My favourite from this row is the champagne shimmer (third from the right). It doesn't look like a heck of a lot in the photo but in real life it's quite the showstopper. 

Middle row: I want to point out that the three pastels (the pink, the peach, and the blue) are all so lacking in pigmentation I'm not really sure I'd use them. The peach might work as a browbone highlight, if I'm really desperate about getting some use. That third shade, the coppery brown, is amazing though. Lots of love for that one. 

Bottom row: Lots of standouts for me from this row, actually! The first, fifth and last shadows are some of my favourites. That blue is one that I didn't touch before prepping for this post, and WOW. The fifth shadow (champagne) looks an awful lot like the third one in the top row, but it's a smidge lighter. The second shade in this row doesn't look like there's much pigment, but it's my favourite shadow for my crease because it shows up but isn't over the top. 

Most of these shadows feel really buttery, but definitely some of the lighter matte shades are chalky. I think that these are pretty easy to apply and blend out, but some can end up looking muddy if I blend too much. 

• great colour choice
• some have amazing pigmentation
• little to no fallout
• huge mirror

• plastic case is getting dirty
• comes with sponge applicators, not brush

• some are chalky and don't show up
• I wouldn't ever use some of the shades

Overall, I still like this palette. It's definitely one I use every day because it's got a bit of everything! I found this palette at Target for around $17CAD, but I think I might have seen it at a Rexall as well. 

What are your thoughts? Have you tried this palette, or other NYX shadows? 


  1. This sounds like a pretty good palette, especially for the price and variety! The L'oreal ones sound good from the reviews I've heard so far, but $30CAD is craaazzzzyyyy.

  2. Yeah, I've been waiting for the L'Oreal ones since I heard about them, but $30??? They've always been pricey for drugstore, but damn. At that price, I might as well go all out and finally get the UD Naked2!

  3. I guess it's okay considering it's drugstore and I like the wide variety in colors!

  4. Me too! I'm getting a lot of use out of it, but there are definitely better palettes out there.