30 April 2015

New In: April

April is the month of the first biannual Sephora sale, and I knew I had to buckle down and figure out what I really "need" before heading in. With a lot of review-reading and swatchfests under my belt, I narrowed down my list to only 3 items!

I picked up the Sephora Collection Luster Matte Long-Wear Lip Color in Fig Luster and the Urban Decay Naked2 during the sale. After a lot of waffling about my third item, the BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone, I decided against it and left it behind. Moonstone is a really beautiful highlighter, but I just can't justify it when I have so many powder highlighters already. 

I've been really into anything that could be reasonably described as "dusty rose," which is really problematic when I'm trying to avoid having dupes! Fig Luster is more dusty mauve, and leans a little brown on me. I don't have another colour like it, and I think it's a nice dark-ish nude-ish colour to wear when I want to put the focus somewhere other than lips. Since swatching it on my lips, though, I've been wavering back and forth about it because I normally wear pinker nudes.

So I finally caved and picked up Naked2 this month. I think cool-toned shadows just look much better on me than warm shades, and despite a bunch of suggestions from the CBB network, I still chose the ~original~. I'm totally in love, by the way. With this, the NYX Wicked palette and a bunch of monos/trios, I'm 100% set in the eyeshadow department. (Remind me of this the next time I talk about swatching at Inglot.)

I also got another eyeshadow blender brush from still by Spa Essentials. It's only $3 and soft and blendy. My first one is overused and getting a little stiff, so I got another one as a backup!

I'll be honest, I don't know how to feel about my spending this month. On the one hand, I didn't buy a lot of things, and everything I bought, I thought a lot about. On the other, I dropped $64 on an eyeshadow palette??

How about you? What did you pick up from the Sephora sale?


  1. Mmm Naked 2. Usually I don't end up liking hyped products, but I believe the hype with the Naked palettes. I only own the Naked 3, and LOVE IT. Even though most people like that one the least. :p

  2. I felt like a crazy person when I bought Naked and Naked 3 because they're SOOO expensive, but you'll use it SO much that you'll definitely get your money's worth. My only issue now is trying to talk myself out of other neutral palettes because I already have two of the Naked ones ahah.
    Olive & Ivy

  3. I was looking for a neutral palette with a cool undertone and Naked2 is IT for me. :D
    Naked3 is sooo pretty!

  4. I'm worried about not using any of my other palettes/shadows because of Naked2 LOL. And all the other neutral palettes is why I have a Pinterest. I'll pin them all and stare, but it won't hurt my wallet!

  5. Is it bad I'm not interested in a Naked palette at all? What kind of bblogger am I?!? :P
    They seem a bit too shimmery for me to use that often. I really need to use eyeshadow more in general though.

  6. Haha yeah exactly, I just look at everyone's posts and think of how nice their neutral palettes are... then go look in my drawer full of neutrals and remind myself why I don't need another ;)

  7. I didn't pick up that much- Dior Creme de Rose balm, Caudalie toner, and an Origins moisturizer with SPF 15. I picked up the Naked Basics palette during the last VIB sale and love it more than the naked 1 palette I have!