25 April 2015

Project 365: April 9 - April 22

So last Sunday I realized that I completely forgot about my weekly Project 365 updates. I decided to lump the last two weeks together instead, and hopefully this one will have at least four photos.

It's been a crazy two weeks. I had 6 exams, and I'm now officially done my third year of university!

April 9 - A little bit of fog before the storm hits.

April 12 - Trying to rock cyborg nails.

April 13 - That early morning commute.

April 16 - The Liebster Award post!

April 17 - My "no makeup" makeup is just eyes.

April 20 - Rain, rain, go away.

April 21 - @ Ajisan Ramen


  1. You totally rock the cyborg nails. They are fantastic! :]

    // ▲ itsCarmen.com ▲

  2. Ugh, love the chrome nails. *u* so pretty