16 April 2015

Tag: The Liebster Award

The Liebster Award is a tag floating around the interwebs. I was nominated by the lovely Ling of The Cosmetic Critic. ♥ Thank you, you absolute doll! ♥

So the rules of this version are to answer the questions posed by the person who tagged me, and then come up with 11 questions and tag 11 people with less than 200 followers.

1. What is your best/unique beauty tip? 
My best tip is probably just to take care of your skin, whether it be through products or diet or lifestyle. Great makeup needs a great base! It's something I'm definitely still working on, but I really see the value in good skincare.

2. What is your current occupation? 
I'm a full-time university student! (...looking for a summer work placement/internship...)

3. What did you study in post secondary education (or plan to)? 
I'm currently studying Graphic Communications Management, minoring in Marketing (social media marketing).

4. What's a beauty regimen you rarely do? 
Does styling my hair count as a beauty regimen? I don't do it much, mostly because I chopped it into a pixie cut (again) last May and it's still growing out. But since it's almost been a year, I've gotten into the habit of not doing anything to my hair!

5. What's your favourite cuisine/food? 
I think my favourite is East Asian food in general, and it's definitely comfort food to me. Chinese, Japanese and Korean food are what I eat the most, and I'm 100% okay with this.

6. When procrastinating, what are you usually doing? 
Social media, LOL. I'm probably switching between Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest and Bloglovin'. When I get bored of one or if I run out of new updates, I go to another one. And repeat. For hours.

7. What is your current blog goal? Why? 
I'm keeping my goals simple for now. I'm definitely blogging for myself and for fun, and I want to be able to have a new post every week at the minimum! I think it'd be fun to have lots of people to interact with, but half the time I just want to say "You're so cool *0*" LOL.

8. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 
Hopefully a full-time desk job type thing. But more specifically, in 5 years, I'd want to be in a management position, where I'm managing a project team. I really think project management is where I want to be.

9. What's your current jam? 
I'm constantly listening to new stuff. You can check out what I've been listening to and liking lately on my 8tracks, but for some quick recs:
Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
Northern Lights by Kate Boy
Angel of Small Death & the Codeine Scene and Take Me to Church by Hozier
Slightly off-topic, but always hit me up for music recs if you're sorta into the same stuff! I've got loads of recs, and loads of new bands/musicians I need to listen to!

10. Are you a DIYer? If so, what do you DIY? (Or why not?) 
Not really a DIY person LOL. I can do a pretty great job on anything crafty (I was an arts&crafts kid), but it just isn't my ~thang~ anymore.

11. When do you see yourself not blogging anymore?
I actually don't ever see myself stopping on purpose! I love to write and I love to share my opinions on things. And I have a lot of opinions. I also really like being social and meeting people, perhaps even on an international scale. Blogging is a way for me to do that with a bigger community.

So my questions are:
1. What got you into blogging?
2. What is your favourite makeup brand?
3. What is a colour you love, but just can't pull off (makeup, clothes, accessories)?
4. Where is your favourite place in the city/town you live?
5. What app can't you live without? (Alternatively, what piece of tech can't you live without?)
6. Name a place you've always wanted to go, but haven't yet. (Alternatively, name your favourite place that you have gone.)
7. What's your favourite ice cream flavour?
8. What's a topic you haven't blogged about, but would maybe do it if you had the opportunity?
9. What's your favourite makeup item/category?
10. When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
11. What's your secret talent?

I don't know that many bloggers who aren't already past the 200-follower mark and haven't been tagged recently, actually. But I tag:
Alanna of Classy On The Run
Kristy of My Glittery Obsessions
Danielle of Darling Magpie
Janet of Beauty Box Chic

I know 4 isn't 11, but that's all I've got! I'm looking forward to reading your answers!


  1. Go Rye! :) I knew of some folk in that program too, looks super fun and interesting. Good luck on finding an internship. I know how crazy it can be out there.

    And I am totally with you on the procrastinating thing. Social media makes it so easy to jump from here to there to update that, to refresh this....haha.

  2. Thanks for doing the tag! <3
    Ah! The picture for this post is to die for!
    I never ever do my hair. Brushing my hair is something I don't do that often now (seriously... I don't think I've brushed my hair at all this week). Really into Take Me To Church right now too. OMG the MV for it is really intense, but probably one of the better ones I've seen lately.

  3. Really? The program feels super small, so it's always fun to meet people who at least know what it's about! And thank you! ♥

  4. Thank you! ♥ :D

    I -have- to brush my hair LOL. But I don't do much else 99% of the time.

    Yeah, the MV for Take Me to Church is really intense, but I think it tells an amazing story. But then, so do the lyrics. ♥

  5. Thanks again for the tag, Christine! My answers will be up on my blog on Wednesday! =)