21 May 2015

How Much My Face Costs, or It Only Looks Bad All At Once

During the school year, I got really tempted to walk through the Eaton Centre in my long breaks between classes. And why not? Sometimes, the (long-suffering) boyfriend got dragged along and lots of times, I ended up at the Sephora.

I usually have a look around, play with products that I have some interest in, and after lots of "umm"s and "ahhhh"s, I'll ask his opinion. He consistently replies with "how much are you even spending on makeup?!" Frankly, he's a great disabler.

But he does bring up a good point: what is the cost of all the products that go on my face every morning? Well, let's break it down!

I start off every morning with a skincare routine that usually consists of 3 products.
• Garnier Pure Cleansing Gel: $4
• Garnier Pure Control Anti-Acne Astringent Lotion: $9
• The Face Shop Chia Seed Moisture-Holding Seed Cream: $31
Subtotal: $44

Most days I make sure I have the time to put on an entire face of makeup, so I usually go the whole shebang!
• The Face Shop Face It! Velvet Skin Primer: $18
• L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation: $17
• Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder: $7
• Rimmel Natural Bronzer, Sun Bronze: $7
• Milani Baked Blush, Luminoso: $12
• Inglot Sculpting Powder, #503: $17
• Inglot Sculpting Powder, #505: $17
• Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer: $24
• Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow Pomade, Ash Brown: $23
• LO'real Brow Plumper, Transparent: $12
• NYX Wicked palette: $17
• Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner: $22
• homemade lip balm: free!
• Sephora Collection Matte Luster Long-Wear Lip Color, Fig: $20
Subtotal: $213

Total: $257 for an entire face


This is the cost of all the products that go on my face on a nearly daily basis. Mind you, this is accumulated stuff, but I'm still stunned by the numbers.

How about your daily face? Would you ever go over the math?


  1. Haha this is an interesting idea! I incorporate a lot of skincare into my routine which I'm sure increases the price of my face a lot. My bf is the opposite - "just get both and do a comparison post" LOL

  2. I think I did this oncebon my blog a long time ago, or at least I did it for myself on a piece of paper :-P The result was definitely ballot the shocking. I should do this again and see how things have changed!

  3. I'm kind of glad my boyfriend is the one disabler in my life. There are literally more than a hundred enablers just on the CBB network! ;)

  4. You should! Even if you don't post it, it'll be nice to know? (Or you can pretend you didn't see it :P)

  5. Haha I love this idea. I think it'd probably disgust me a bit with how much my face costs hahaha!

    Olive & Ivy

  6. I've been meaning to do this for a while but I don't have a daily face right now! My skincare routine is rather elaborate so I'm sure that will be upping the cost substantially lol.

  7. Considering I used to only buy drugstore stuff, it scares me how quickly it accumulates!

  8. I've actually simplified my daily face from this ;) So it'll look a lot ~cheaper~. I'd be interested in seeing your skincare routine! I'm always confused about all the types of products, but I've found a set that works so I don't explore much.

  9. This is such a fun post, I might do a similar topic on my blog! It's amazing how much money we spend on make-up, my boyfriend doesn't understand why I have more than 30 lipsticks and so many eyeshadows! (lol) He said it's okay if I use them but he thinks I don't use them enough.

    Blog: A whole lot of serendipity

  10. I'd love to see your take on this! My boyfriend's the same way ("Why do you need 5 different shades of blue-based red??")
    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  11. I remember doing this tag a couple years ago and was definitely shocked by the number! Glad though that makeup products lasts forever and it's hard to get through most products.

    Raincouver Beauty

  12. I used to go through pencil liners like crazy, and I still go through lip balm like it's going out of style LOL. I soo agree with you that so many products last forever though.

  13. I did this tag once a few years back and I think it was around the same price tag. Kind of staggering all at once! (And even moreso if you were to add up the cost of each and every product you own... gahhhh!)

  14. It definitely is shocking! I wouldn't even think to add up the cost of all the makeup I own. It'd be too much and make me feel just a bit uncomfortable LOL.

  15. Ehhh don't feel bad b/c you need to break down the cost to a per wear cost, which is way WAY less than that! lol

  16. Yep, cost per wear makes a lot more sense, but I still needed to pay for the product in the first place. :P

  17. Oh lord, I brought my brother to Sephora once during the 15% sale, and when the cashier gave me my total, my brother swore...a lot....hah. (Pffffffft, men)
    BUT...HOW DO YOU DO A FULL FACE OF MAKEUP ON THE DAILY?? AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME 4 DAT (or at least I don't, because I'm too lazy)(On the other hand, at least you're making great use out of your products!)
    I'm tempted to try this too, but I'm sure my results will be dreadfully boring as I totally skip eye makeup and lipstick on most days.

  18. For school I literally used to wake up 2 hours before I had to leave, so I could cook/eat/clean up and still get dressed and do a whole face every morning. But now, I toned it down quite a bit? I don't contour and wear liquid liner on the average day anymore, but otherwise it's still a whole face I guess. I don't always do lipstick anymore but cream eyeshadows are my new best friends.

  19. Haha what a super interesting breakdown! I'd like to do this for me too! At least these are the prices for the full sized, so it's not really on a daily basis we spend this much. RIGHT?! *nervous laugh*

  20. As MizzJ says, cost per face is much lower, so don't sweat it :P But I decided to go with "If I had to buy all the products to put my face together RIGHT NOW, what would it cost me?" And the answer, as it turns out, is A LOT.