9 May 2015

Project 365: April 30 - May 6

It's the first week of May, and it's been a busy one. I got to meet up with Ahya for a walking trip on the Lakeshore, but we had to cut it short because there were just so many bugs. They were flying around in huge clouds. Luckily, neither of us got bitten. Lunch was delicious, though!

I also had the chance to attend the Inglot Toronto launch of the Mamma Mia! collection. It was fun, and I got to meet some other CBB bloggers. A post about this will be up soon!

So here's my week through Instagram...

May 2 - Lunch at Dunk'n Dip with Ahya

May 3 - A simple breakfast. I accidentally made my coffee too light and too milky

May 4 - A rather uninspired photo of where I had lunch with the bf today

May 5 - The rainbow arm! Swatches of the Inglot Mamma Mia! collection's eyeshadow palette

May 5 - Distracted while taking outfit photos

May 6 - I haven't done my nails in a week, and now I'm trying a new-to-me polish line.
Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Mauve It

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