14 May 2015

Tag: All Time Faves

So I was tagged by Kristy of My Glittery Obsessions to do the All Time Faves tag. It's definitely more Youtube-oriented, but here's my take on it in blog form!

Part 1 of the tag is a list of favourite products. So here is my all-time favourite...

Blush: That'll be the Milani Baked Blush in Luminoso! I spent forever looking for it, telling myself that I didn't need it when I couldn't find it, and then finally picked it up in January. It's perfectly peachy-coral-pink with just enough shimmer that gives a glow without the glitter.

Bronzer: I only have the one, which is the Rimmel Natural Bronzer in Sun Bronze. To throw an overused beauty blogger buzzword, it's not as ~finely milled~ as the Rimmel Stay Matte powder, but it does the job, stays all day, and makes a world of difference. Will I be trying other bronzers? Hell yes, but there's no rush because this one is just so good!

Foundation: Even though it didn't work on me 100% when I tried it out (a skincare routine change made me super oily), I love the NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. I use the shade Punjab, which is one of the best shade matches I've ever encountered, if not the best. For the best finish, you definitely need to use your fingers, but the result is a super-thin layer that feels like nothing yet has ridiculously high coverage. I'm so tempted to pick up a full-sized...

Brushes: I'm cheap with my brushes, but my favourite so far is the still by Spa Essentials brushes. Of the whole line, I love the powder brush, which is big and fluffy, so covers a lot of ground without picking up or packing on too much powder. I also love the eyeshadow blending brush, which I just picked up a back-up of!

Lipstick: I'm a liquid lipstick kinda gal, and recently decided that I'm going to stop buying tube lipsticks and just stick with liquids. I find that they last a million times longer, and have the punch of colour I'm looking for. My favourites are the Sephora Collection Cream Lip Stain (I have Always Red), and the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick (I have Berlin). Both of these do feel a little dry after 5-6 hours, but even if you put a little balm on top at that point, it doesn't move a millimetre! Kat Von D announced that there will be 16 (!!) new additions to the liquid lipstick line, releasing in July. That's my birthday month, and you can bet that I'm picking up several.

Palette: Even though I just got it, my favourite palette is definitely the Urban Decay Naked2. Cool neutrals in both shimmer and matte? I'm in love. I could coo at it all day.

Highlighter: I don't really have a favourite highlighter. I use an Inglot sculpting powder in #503, which is a matte powder that's a few shades lighter than me. It does the job and looks great, but for the glowy look that most people use highlighters for, I just rely on natural oils peeking through by the end of the day!

Mascara: I am 100% not a mascara gal. I love the way it looks, I feel fancy applying it, but I haven't met a mascara that works with my face all the time. No faves for me!

Part 2 of this tag is a few questions...

1. What is your all time favourite thing about Youtube? 
Honestly, it's the huge variety. You can find so many different sorts of things on Youtube, catering to all sorts of interests and niches. About beauty on Youtube, my favourite thing is seeing looks in action and the variety of ethnicities of people who vlog about it! Makeup looks that work great on white people, due to eye-shape or something, might not work with Asian eyes, and so Asian Youtubers who work and demonstrate looks that work for them is something I really love to see.

2. Out of all your makeup products, what is your all time favourite one that you HAVE to have at all times? (You can only pick ONE item.)
Liquid eyeliner!! I presume I get to pick specifically which one, so I'm going with the Dolly Wink liquid liner pen in black. Everything else can be changed around, but I want to keep this beautiful little baby forever. Or own enough backups to last me the rest of my life.

3. What is your all time LEAST favourite thing about Youtube? 
That people feel the need to share their unpleasant opinions, in a way that isn't constructive criticism. I'm not a Youtuber (for now—dundundun) so I read comments to get an overview of user experiences after watching a Youtuber's review of a product, but reading things like "you're ugly" over and over gets tiring and straight up depressing.

4. Who is your all time favourite Youtuber? 
I think it's got to be Bailey from Making Up the Midwest. She does all sorts of beauty videos, from tutorials to reviews to comparisons. I've never gotten bored halfway through a video.

5. What is your all time favourite makeup product to apply? 
Setting powder, surprisingly. Swishing that brush all over my face is just so soothing.

6. What is your all time LEAST favourite makeup product to apply? 
My least favourite to apply is foundation. I don't like spongers, love brushes, but some products are just meant for fingers. I just don't like to get stuff all over my hands, so I avoid using my fingers for makeup, but sometimes I just have to for the perfect finish. It grosses me out but I think the look is worth it.

7. What is your all time favourite brand of makeup? 
Kat Von D! I love the foundation, and I love the liquid lipsticks. The brush-tip eye liner is also fantastic and basically I just want to try everything she's got.

8. What is your all time LEAST favourite brand of makeup? 
Cover Girl. I've heard so many good things about the Outlast foundation, but it oxidizes orange after only a few minutes. I'm not a fan of their blushes, and none of their eye makeup that I'd normally be interested in (from another brand) interest me.

9. What is the one, all time lesson you have learned from being on YouTube a blogger?
My all time lesson is that a camera picks up less than the human eye! It's something I've already known, having been a photog for fun for years, but it's definitely a problem to overcome as a beauty blogger. A camera just cannot differentiate between subtle colour differences the same way a human can, and this translates to packing on the product so a camera can pick it up. So when you see a beauty Youtuber putting on tons of blush or contour, realize that it's going to be too much when you do that for everyday! Photography makeup does not have to equal day-to-day makeup, though I definitely do photography makeup a lot.

10. Who're you gonna tag? 
These are going to be bloggers, rather than Youtubers...
Ling of The Cosmetic Critic
Melanie of I'm Not A Beauty Guru
Whitney of Macarons and Mischief
Wendy of Fashionable Heart
Angela of Do Want Makeup
Everybody else!


  1. Ah! Thanks for tagging me :)
    I'll definitely do this tag sometime. I think I would have the same answers to some of the questions!

  2. My pleasure! I'm excited to see your answers!

  3. Thanks for the tag Christine! So it seems that Milanis luminoso should be high on my list. I feel sort of the same way... Do I need it? It's one on so many peoples favs though.. Hopefully I can find it somewhere!

  4. I found mine at Walmart! I'm sure there are lots of cheap options for shimmery peach, but this one happens to look great on me. Good luck on your search!

  5. One of my first ever big girl makeup products when I was like 14 was the bronzer you mentioned, and I still use it to this day. I LOVE it!

    Olive & Ivy

  6. The comments on YT are TERRIBLE! I can't believe the kind of horrible things people think are ok to say! You never see that kind of stuff on blogs (at least the ones I read) and it actually scares me from ever getting into YT at all!

  7. I think I would enjoy doing some types of posts more in video form, but it's not something I'm in a rush to do. The comments do scare me, but maybe if my viewership is small, it won't be as bad?

  8. Took me ages to come up with answers, but it's done! The American in me couldn't keep the "u" in favorite, so I had to change it. :D Thanks for the tag!


    I really need to look into that blush. I've heard about it a few times now! Your favorite product to apply is my least favorite. LOL! Spot on about the camera not picking up color the same!

  9. Thanks for the tag!! :D Ahh I'll work on it when I'm back from my trip! I love Kat Von D Liner but I haven't tried any of her other stuff, her lipsticks ARE on my list though! I haven't tried NARS foundation but I use the tinted moisturizer, love that stuff!

  10. I kinda want to tag you in everything ;)
    I highly recommend her liquid lipsticks and I'm super excited about the new shades coming later this year! Everyone raves about the tinted moisturizer and it's really tempting me.

  11. I'm late on reading this, but as much as I like Luminoso, I just don't think it's "the one" for me LOL. I know so many people swear by it, but I think it oxidizes on me by the end of the day.
    I don't like applying foundation with my fingers, but strangely, I like applying tinted moisturizers/BBs with my fingers. But everything else, brushes pls! APPLYING SETTING POWDER IS JUST SO SATISFYING THOUGH. I think it's because I just like slapping on a big fluffy brush all over my face.
    I hate applying lipstick, hah. Maybe because I'm not used to it or have oddly shaped lips, but getting to to be precise is so difficult for me ;-;