23 June 2015

Summer Makeup Edit

Unlike most people, when I think "summer makeup" I don't think of sheer bases and minimal products. I think of oil-sucking, intensely mattifying products and cheery colours. While it's probably a million times more practical to go out without makeup if I'm so worried about it melting off, I still like putting my face on in the morning.

So here's a curated list of what I know I'll be reaching for this summer!

The L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte foundation is my go-to, not only for its oil-preventing powers and waterproof-ness, but also that the shade I have is a little dark for me. This means it'll be awesome for a tiny bit of tanned goodness that I hope summer will bring. Not that I tan much.

Setting powder is a must, and I'm still in love with the Rimmel Stay Matte powder. But to make it feel more like summer, I use the Wet N Wild Color Icon "bronzer" in Reserve Your Cabana and the NYX powder blush in Apricot, the perfect peachy pink with just enough shimmer. I mean, I'll be "glowy" by the end of the day anyway, but this highlighter and blush combo is honestly sooo pretty.

For lipstick, I love my Inglot lipstick in #239! It's such a bright, cheery colour and I love it for the summer months. I'll be sharing a few of my favourite summer lippies in a separate post, so stay tuned.

And finally, my favourite part! I love pale colours for summer, and my current favourites are Sally Hansen Insta Dri in Blue-Away, Essence Colour&Go in That's What I Mint! and Pure Ice in Superstar. I've literally just been rotating through these three for the past month.

So what will you reach for this summer?


  1. Hahah yes!!
    I tend to go face naked a lot during the summer months ;)
    I want that lipstick

  2. I love all of your picks! My friend just bought that foundation and really likes it! Seems like a great choice!

    I am totally with you, I like wearing more makeup during the summer I find actually haha.

  3. WHAT. I dunno, my skin is just so oily in the summer that if I lay heavier products on it, I'll just feel so gross when the oil starts mixing with my makeup. I'll just want to wipe it all off! I'm still trying to find products that will mattify the crap outta my face.

    I AM VERY INTRIGUED ABOUT THAT NYX BLUSH NOW. I don't think I've seen that shade before, but my god is it ever pretty <3_<3
    Can't wait to see the summer lippies post though!

  4. Going without makeup seems like the better idea a lot :D
    This Inglot lipstick colour is honestly so pretty. ♥

  5. I really recommend this foundation if you can find your shade!

    I actually feel less oily if I have a foundation on, since I use mattifying ones LOL.

  6. I find that I feel less oily and gross if I have a mattifying foundation on. I still have to blot like hella after 5-6 hours, but that's better than 3, y'know?

    I found that NYX shade when I was looking for a dupe of the Becca Beach Tint in Guava! It's here on Temptalia: http://bit.ly/1GGmACJ. I saw it at Target just after they announced they were closing and I grabbed it! So much loveeeee.

    Oh god, now I have to make sure the lippies post is good!

  7. The blue nail polishes *___* They're so pretty and pastel. I got gel nails when I was in China I got gel polish done and I'm too lazy to take them off but I want to paint my nails #firstworldproblems

  8. Oh...I have Becca's Beach Tint in 'Guava' actually...LOL. BUT AYYY, GOOD TIMING ON THE SNAG!


  9. The blue comes off a little less pastel than it looks in the bottle, but I honestly love the colour so much.
    Paint your toes! Especially now that it's sandal weather ;)

  10. I go for a really matte base too since I'm oily by the end of the day!! I've been using the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and a setting powder to prolong my makeup. I think I'm going to add a setting spray to the mix soon ;)

  11. I've been thinking about trying the Rimmel primers (either the Stay Matte or the 25H one) after I finish up my current one. Setting powder is a must! And a blot in the middle of the day.

    I'm expecting a setting spray might help makeup to last longer, but oil will still seep through, right?