24 July 2015

Essence Fall 2015 Preview #EssencePaintNite

It may feel like summer's just truly started here in Toronto, but brands everywhere are all ready for fall's new releases. Essence has a whole bunch of new products and a few that are being repromoted for the season. Along with product promotion, the preview was a themed paint night at a modern art gallery featuring THE MOST NEON art. So beware, the photos are vibrant!

Their theme this fall seems to be nudes. There's a trio of new shades from their lipstick line and four I ♥ Trends nail polishes (all nude shades). They're also repromoting the All About Chocolates palette and the How to Make Nude Eyes palette. I think the nude theme in the focus products was a wonderful contrast to the environment, and basically great event design. Lots of love!

Also new is the sister to summer's Lash Princess mascara, the Lash Princess False Lash Effect mascara. I'm eager to try this out, but I've got too many mascaras open right now that it's going to be a while. There's also now an eyebrow wax in pencil form (also excited to test this!), a jumbo liquid liner, and two new lip pencil shades.

Finally, Essence has completely overhauled the nail polish line. Colour & Go is out, and come August, the nail polishes available at SDM will be replaced with The Gel polishes. The line is complemented by a base coat and top coat designed to mimic the effect and longevity of gel. Despite being called gel polishes, they don't need to be cured under UV light!

My favourite part of Essence events are the sweet tables. They're so cute and photogenic. Aaand I love desserts. ♥ The palette cookies are super adorable, and some of them even had glittery decorations on them. What more can I ask for, honestly??

P.S. The selfie wall had a neon zebra sculpture that I'm totally in love with and I wish I could have taken that thing home with me. I forgot to take a photo of it, but here's a photo from Chelle's Instagram:

How adorable is that??!?! I think everyone wanted it.

What about you? Do you use Essence products, and if so, what are you most excited to try?


  1. Aww Chelle + zebra = <3

    It was the best candy table ever and I can't wait to play with all the pretty polishes and nude lipsticks!

  2. Ah, lucky! The event looks like it was great! The palette and nail polishes look pretty nice too :-P

  3. I'm so excited about the polishes too! My sister saw them and immediately asked me to do her nails (haven't done them though.....)

  4. It was fun! But I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the painting I did LOL

  5. Those cookies ARE SO CUTE!!! There's paint nite here in vancouver too and it's super popular, but I haven't been.

  6. This was my first paint nite! I'm not sure I would do it again, but painting has been a part of my life so long it's kinda weird not to do it LOL.

  7. I had quite a few cookies :P I wish I could have had more macaroons!