18 August 2015

Almost-Smokey Eye Tutorial

Back-to-school season is upon us, and for me that means I get to go back to my normal makeup routines. So that's today's post: a tutorial on my day-to-day eye look using the Urban Decay Naked2 palettte!

1. I normally do my eyes after I've done the rest of my face and eyebrows. So that's our starting point. I apply Too Faced Shadow Insurance to prime my lids.

2. Using a fluffy blending brush, I sweep Tease into the crease. Then, with a dense, flat brush, I pat Foxy onto the inner half of the lid.

3. Using that same brush as for Foxy, I lightly pat Suspect onto the outer half of my lids.

4. Taking that blending brush again, I dab YDK into the outer corner and sweep it into the crease to blend. After this, I'll dust the brush off on my hand and use it to blend the rest of the shadows.

5. Using the tip of the flat eyeshadow brush, I smudge a bit of Tease into the lower lash line, but only on the outer corners.

6. I add liquid liner (my eyeliner tutorial here) and mascara. The last step is to take a tiny brush and Bootycall to highlight in the inner corners. And then I'm done!

The final-final last step is to add a lip colour and I'm all set for the day. For the final look at the very top of the post, I'm wearing Kat Von D's Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Beloved.

The key to doing a lowkey smokey eye is reducing the amount of contrast between shades. So you'll still be using the same number of shadows and just as much blending, but the low contrast makes it less striking and dramatic.

What do you think? Are tutorials like this something you'd like to keep seeing on my blog? 

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