28 August 2015

High Tea at The Robinson-Bray House

A couple of weeks ago, Ahya and I went for high tea at the Robinson-Bray House, which is conveniently also called The Tea Room. It's a cute place in old-town Mississauga with adorable vibes. So I'm just sharing a few of the photos I took that day!

We ordered the Robinson-Bray Tea and tried a mango rooibois tea. While the sandwiches weren't anything special, I really liked the desserts. The sugar cookies were kind of generic but they were shaped like teapots and that makes up for everything.

So I had the scones before dessert because I was saving the sweets for last. I think these were (blurry) butterscotch pecan scones? Anything sweet gets a thumbs up from me!

Honestly, my favourite part was dessert. But that's in all situations. (I go to buffets for their dessert table and skimp on entrees so I can eat two plates of cakes.)

Aaaand lastly, a couple of rather large mushrooms at a cemetary down the street. Why, yes, that is a headstone in the background. The mushrooms don't look that big here, but the caps were at least the size of my palm.

So uh, that has been a life update. I do stuff sometimes that isn't spending all my $$$ at Sephora.

P.S. I'll be getting back to makeup posting soon!

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