7 August 2015

Makeup Review: essence All About Chocolates Palette

I'm always surprised by essence's eyeshadow quality. So when I saw this in the swag bag from the essence preview event, I was interested in whether their shadows were consistent.

All About Chocolates is one of their palettes. It features all neutral shades with an even split of cool and warm tones. Only one of the shades (top left) has a satin finish; the rest have shimmer particles in them. None of these are matte.

While the shades don't look like much in the pans, they got my attention as soon as I swatched them. Let's be real, the colours in the pan are not inspiring. But swatched, they're more vibrant (as vibrant as browns can be) and there's variety! The two shades in the middle come off the most similar to each other in real life, though in the photo below, the top middle looks similar to the bottom right.

Like other essence shadows I've swatched, this palette has great pigmentation with the exception of the two highlight shades. The highlights are still sparkly enough to catch the light and will definitely do their job. And there's just enough differentiation for you to make a couple different looks.

I would have liked to see more variety in the shades, especially since it does feel like there are duplicates. But the shadows themselves are soft and pigmented, with only minor fall-out. I'd really recommend this for those starting out, or if you need an easy to use palette to travel with that won't make you cry if you lost/broke it. I can definitely see myself leaving this at my boyfriend's place for emergencies.

The essence All About Chocolates palette retails for around $5 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart. Certainly doesn't break the bank!

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