4 August 2015

Makeup Review: NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

The NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams are raved about in the beauty blogger world. They're also definitely up my alley: matte liquid lipsticks? Yes, please!

Available in 22 colours on their website, the Soft Matte Lip Creams are supposed to be silky smooth, matte and a little bit moisturizing. I own San Paulo (plummy pink) and Milan (mid-toned blue-pink).

The first thing to note is that I am 100% consistent with the types of colours I'm drawn to. The tubes are supposed to match the product inside (spoiler: kinda!), and San Paulo and Milan are ridiculously similar-looking. Despite the official colour descriptions from NYX, I'd actually call both of these rose shades! Milan leans blue-pink, while San Paulo leans red and is more of a "true" rose to me.

left: Milan; right: San Paulo

One thing I always forget to check on other people's reviews is how the product smells. With these lip creams, I knew they'd smell like cupcakes but I was not prepared for just how much. To me, it's a pretty heavy sweet vanilla scent, but it goes away after a few minutes. If you own one of the Sephora Cream Lip Stains, the NYX are less intense than the Sephora ones. The Sephora ones killed me when I first opened them.

I'm not a vanilla-loving person, but I will get over it because both of these are smooth and pigmented. San Paulo seems a little less pigmented than I expected, but still comes off as opaque in real life. Both are more vibrant than the tubes and arm swatches would suggest.

Unlike the Sephora cream stains, these NYX ones do transfer even after drying down. The finish is matte, which I love. And these never feel like a desert on my lips even after wearing it for hours, but I don't know if I would really call it "moisturizing." They don't make me desperate for lip balm, though they're nowhere near what a great lip balm feels like.

They also leave a light stain! So even after it's worn away a little, there's still a hint of colour on the lips. (I also now have two pale pink stains on my arm.) The one caveat is that I find that these feather a bit over time, not enough to wreak havoc on my makeup but enough to make it look like my lips are a bit swollen. A lip liner should easily fix this.


San Paulo

And yes, they actually look painfully similar on my lips. San Paulo is a bit rosier and Milan is a bluer-pink, but otherwise they're about the same.

So unless you're like me and feel that the difference is enough to warrant both, I'd recommend just figuring out which rosy shade suits your skintone more, and stick to that. Frankly, I love both colours on me, so in the end it might be down to personal preference.

Overall, I do like these NYX lip creams and I understand the hype. But as much as I want another one in Ibiza, I think I'll stick to my beloved KVD Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.

How about you? Have you tried the NYX soft matte lip creams?

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