8 September 2015

Makeup Review: Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks

I'm pretty sure I've proclaimed my love for the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks quite a bit already, but I finally got all the shades I really wanted. I'm really excited about sharing my collection with you, as well as a full review on them. But you already know I love them, right?

I own 8 shades: 3 from the original lineup and 5 from the newly released shades.
  • Lolita: "chestnut rose," the cult shade, a brown rosy nude that pulls a little dark without being dramatic. 
  • Double Dare: "cocoa blush," a true rosy nude on me, it's the MLBB of the bunch.
  • Beloved: "soft coral," this one is actually brighter on the lips than the tube and the description would suggest, but otherwise a pink-coral. 
  • Lovesick: "mauve nude," this one seems almost lavender on my lips, but still toned down enough to read as a neutral. 
  • Exorcism: "ripe blackberry," a true blackberry, it's like the purple-toned sister of Vampira. 
  • Vampira: "deep red burgundy," a blackened red that still reads red. Truly the ideal vampy shade. 
  • Santa Sangre: "poison apple," a bright orange-based red that makes me happy. 
  • Berlin: "warm rose," a bright rose that just reaches neon but isn't over the top by any means. 
The ones I would add to my collection would be Mother, Witches, and Nosferatu. But I wouldn't be particularly sad if I never got any of these. (They'd also cost me another $72 pre-tax so I'm in no rush...)

Now onto the formula! 

I find these really consistent across the board in terms of application, staying power and incredible pigmentation. All of them are matte once they dry down. There's no transfer once dry.

There's a few things to note to get the perfect application. Make sure that lips are clean but not dry before you apply these. This means dab off any excess lip balm, but exfoliate to get rid of flakes. But don't smoosh lips together to spread out the colour! That'll cause it to pull and look uneven. One dip in the tube is enough for both lips!

As for staying power, these lipsticks really live up to the Everlasting name, unless you're eating the world's greasiest foods. They've lasted perfectly for over 6 hours without touchups as long as I didn't eat oily foods. They can start feeling a little tight several hours in, but I don't think it's so bad as to make lips look parched and wrinkly.

In terms of pigmentation, what you see on the wand is what you'll get on the lips. But like with every other pigmented lipstick, the amount of contrast between your skintone and the lipstick colour can change how it appears on you. Your natural lip colour has little effect because of how pigmented these are.

Finally, the one caveat I have to mention is that these lipsticks smell awful on that first whiff out of the tube. Like, I don't know what they smell like, but it's not nice. The smell does dissipate really quickly once it's on your lips, but those interim seconds... *shivers*

But regardless of some tiny (to me) misdemeanors, the Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are my favourite lipstick ever, and I really recommend these to anyone who loves a hyperpigmented lipstick. They last just about forever, and they're transfer-proof. And with the new shade range, there's bound to be one (or ten) for everyone!

Shout-out to re•surfaced for that wooden postcard in the first photo because damn these things make nice photo props. They're mailable too, so you can totally drop it off at a post office and send it to a friend (with a stamp, of course). I'm always happy to support a local business!

Have you tried the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks? What's your favourite shade?

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