11 September 2015

Tag: The Versatile Blogger Award Take 2

I was nominated to do the Versatile Blogger Award recently by Amy of New Key Beauty. Read her 7 facts on her blog! Thank you so much Amy ♥!

The rules are to share 7 facts about myself and then tag 15 people. If you'd like to see my first take on this tag, read it here.

I'll be honest, I completely blanked on these. So I went to my boyfriend for help and here's what he came up with (verbatim, since this was through Skype):
"you're a car alarm
you... like snails
you enjoy dogs.
you're Taiwanese.
you... have an old stuffed dog and giraffe
???????????????????????????????????????????? you like pizza
you also like cheese"
Then he amended that I am in fact, not a car alarm, but merely "adept at imitating car alarms." Well, he's not wrong on any of them.

But since I feel like that was a cheat, here are 7 more facts about me:

1. The last two of my boyfriend's facts reminded me that I don't like most foods so much as I like the sauces that accompany them. For instance, I don't like steak, I like Worcestershire sauce. I don't like fish and chips, I like tartar sauce. Pizza is a delicious edible spoon for dip.

2. I almost went into fine arts but decided last minute that I would rather study business management. School location was also a huge factor in this decision, and I do not regret this one bit.

3. I used to read a lot, but it petered out once I got into university and prioritized other things. To combat this, I take English literature courses so I get to read at least a few books.

4. When I go to buffets, I eat fewer entrées so I can have twice as much dessert as entrée. My favourite buffets are ranked based on what sorts of desserts they have and how sweet their cakes are. Many people do not take me to buffets.

5. On that note, I hate like 90% of food aftertastes so I carry mints or gum with me everywhere.

6. My favourite aspect of design is typography, and so I like designing typographic logos more than icon-based ones. I also do a bit of calligraphy, so it's a lot of fun to mix the two!

7. I don't like the cold and I will go so far as to say I hate winter. The short days, freezing weather, wind chill and bundling to survive all make me a very sad person. Hot chocolate and tea only make it infinitesimally better.

Hmm, there were a lot of food-related facts this time around. :P

I don't know who to tag anymore, so if you're reading this, you're tagged! (More than 15 people will read this right...?)

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