27 October 2015

H&M Beauty Face Masks Review

In my last post about H&M Beauty's launch in Canada, I mentioned that I bought two of their many face masks to try out. I've given both of them a go, and I'm here to share what I think of them!

H&M Beauty has a total of 10 face masks, all of which are available in-store at the Eaton Centre location. They're not listed on the Canadian H&M site, though you can see them on the US website. Each of the masks have a uniquely-coloured pod to identify them, and each colour family represents a different skintype: pinks for oily skin, yellows for combo skin, blues for dry skin, greens for acne, and white/grey to revitalize.

The two I bought to try are the Pomegranate and Mango pore-cleansing mask and the Raspberry Leaf peel-off mask. I have oily, acne-prone skin, but neither of these masks are specifically made for my skintype. Go figure! I blame impulse shopping.

All of the masks come in 10mL pods that contain enough for at least 2 uses, 3 if you're frugal. The pods are not resealable though, which sucks because they do contain a good amount of product.

The Pomegranate and Mango mask claims to be pore-cleansing and revitalizing for fresh, smooth skin. The first thing I noticed when I opened the pod is that it smells really sweet but artificial. This mask is a pale pink that dries to white, and has the texture of most face masks I've used in the past. It's a bit thick, so I do recommend applying it with a brush.

Once the mask is on, it tingles at first and feels tight as it dries. While the packaging says to leave it on for 10-15 minutes, I didn't find any issues leaving it on for longer. After washing it off, my skin felt really soft. Some pores looked a bit smaller, but otherwise it didn't look like it had much effect. I definitely needed to moisturize afterwards.

The Raspberry Leaf mask is a peel-off mask is supposed to peel away dead skin cells and leave skin feeling soft. This mask smells really like sweet raspberries and again is a bit artificial. I like the scent of this one more than the other, though. Unlike the Pomegranate and Mango mask, this one looks and feels like red jello that hasn't hardened yet. Applying it with a brush makes for a thin, even layer that can be hard to peel off. I think a thicker layer might be easier to work with, though would take longer to dry.

For this mask, it's really important to leave it on until it dries completely, and the packaging suggests 15-20 minutes. I found that it's fairly easy to peel off, kind of like peeling off a thin layer of Elmer's glue. The dried mask feels a lot like plastic, and can tug uncomfortably at the sensitive skin around the eyes, so I'd recommend avoiding that area entirely. After rinsing off any leftover mask, my skin felt soft but not much else. I used my regular moisturizer on top and my skin felt great.

Overall, I think that these masks that I picked up are great to pamper yourself with. They're great if your skin's feeling a bit dull, but they don't offer any real, visible skincare benefit.

At $4.99 CAD for 10mL each, I think that they're not worth the money, but they are definitely fun to try.

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