20 October 2015

H&M Beauty Launches in Canada

H&M Beauty recently launched in Canada, at Toronto's Eaton Centre and I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a media event a few weeks ago. I also got to pick up a few things to try! 

H&M Beauty debuts in Canada with 700 individual products. It's a range that includes face products, lipsticks, eyeshadow singles and palettes, nail polishes, body care and tools. It's impressive! And they're planning seasonal launches as well with limited edition products. 

These are hair products! 
Blushes and powder face products
Some of their lipsticks. They have testers, so you can find your perfect shade.

Dem eyeshadow singles.
Way before the event though, H&M had a little pop-up stand in the Eaton Centre with a social-media-activated vending machine to get the public to spread the word. I "won" one of the nail polishes, in a bright red shade called Ladybird. I haven't tried it yet, but I think the packaging is super cute. 

Actually, I think the packaging of all the products are really spot-on and attractive. Although they're plastic, so they feel kind of cheap in your hand, the black, white and gold packaging is really gorgeous. And definitely photogenic! 

The two single eyeshadows I picked out are Arabica and Brownie Points. Both are midtoned browns, with Arabica (left) a bit cooler than Brownie Points. All the eyeshadow singles I swatched are really pigmented and blendable, and at $7.99 they're not a bad price either. They do kick up a bit of powder, so instead of swishing a brush, I pat the shadow with the brush to pick up product.

I also picked up two face masks to try, the Pomegrate and Mango one for "tired skin" and the Raspberry Leaf one for combo skin. The masks come in eight variations and all retail for $4.99 each. These were picked up on a whim because of the cute pod packaging, so I hope they work ok on my skin!

Overall, I think that H&M Beauty is a good competitor for drugstore-priced makeup, which is really convenient if you're a frequent shopper at H&M. Of the range, I'd really recommend the eyeshadow singles for sure!

H&M Beauty is currently only availabe at the Eaton Centre location, but I think they're launching it in Vancouver soon. Have you tried the range yet?

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