16 October 2015

My First Ever MAC Lipsticks!

I'm back and I've got amazing news! I bought my first ever MAC lipstick... And actually I bought two.

I never bought a MAC lipstick though their extensive colour range always appealed to me, because the variety of finishes is really overwhelming. Matte. luster, satin, creme, glaze?? And apparently that's not even all of the finishes. Yikes.

But I got a giftcard to Hudson's Bay Company and couldn't think of anything I'd want from HBC until I remembered they had MAC counters. With card in hand—and a friend—I was determined to find a couple of lipsticks unique to my collection.

The first is Chatterbox, which is in the Amplified formula. It's very Barbie-pink and very close to my Inglot lipstick in #239, but without the shimmer/frost of the Inglot lipstick. I'm a little on the fence about whether this is actually flattering but sometimes I just want to wear pink, y'know? It's a glossier lipstick than I'm used to, but it's not overwhelmingly sheeny.

The other is Captive, in the Satin formula. This purply plum is definitely unique for me! I couldn't even come up with other lipsticks in my collection that are similar. I think I like the formula for this one a lot more than I like the Amplified formula. It can drag if lips are dry, but the finish is more up my alley. And the colour is perfect for fall.

Immediately after I bought these and tried them on, I went on MAC's website to see what other colours I'd be interested in. At $20 CAD each, they're not the cheapest but are still affordable enough to justify a couple more (albeit sloooowly). Just so you know, I ended up choosing 48 shades that need swatching before I pick out future purchases. 48! Someone stop me before I can't afford my university degree.

Does owning MAC make me a legit beauty blogger now? Are you overwhelmed by MAC too?

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