21 December 2015

Bite Beauty Mix N Mingle Lipstick Duos Review

Every holiday season, Bite Beauty comes out with stocking stuffers they call Mix N Mingle. This year, the only type available were the mini lipstick duos (last year also had a few lip glosses). They come in 6 shade pairs, and today I'm reviewing and swatching 2 of them!

The pairings range from nudes to bolds so there's likely something for everyone. I think that these lipstick minis are Bite's Luminous Creme formula, though the Sephora page for the duos doesn't say. However, there are shade overlaps between the duos and the Luminous Creme.

While we're talking about that, of the 12 shades in the duos, 5 of them are available in the permanent Luminous Creme line: Pepper, Pomegranate, Palomino, Tannin and Mulberry. The rest appear to be limited edition shades exclusive to the minis. Of the 4 shades I'm swatching, only Tannin is available permanently.

So onto the shades I have! I picked up Latte + Cortado and Holly + Tannin. Latte and Cortado are both nude-ish shades, though Cortado has distinctly rosy undertones (love!). Holly and Tannin, on the other hand, are traditional holiday reds. Holly is more of a true red, whereas Tannin is an almost-burgandy that isn't dark enough to be vamp.

On me, Latte is a great pinky-beige nude that just evens out my natural lip colour and adds that little bit of healthy shine. Cortado is also a nude, but a little deeper and much rosier. It's exactly the type of shade I look for in MLBBs and is a great everyday shade.

Holly is a bright holiday red that I love, but my mother thinks is garrish (I'm gonna wear it anyway, sorry mom). Tannin has a bit of a bluey-purpley undertone, but still reads as a dark red. It's a shade that I've been dying to try, and I really like it on me!

I don't own any of the regular Luminous Creme lipsticks, so I can't compare these minis to them, but I can say that I quite like these! They go on smoothly, though can tug when lips are dry. However, these are completely non-drying when on. All of them are also highly pigmented, so there's no need to build up the colour to opacity.

Overall, I like the formula and love the shades. However, at $17 CAD a pop for such teeny tiny bullets, I don't think these are worth it unless you really want the LE holiday shades. (Also, these Mix N Mingle duos were $15 last year...) They're cute, but spend your money elsewhere!

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