15 December 2015

Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette Review

I'm back at you today with yet another palette review! Today's pick is the Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette, a slick palette of 12 eyeshadows in the amazing Urban Decay formula.

Since experiencing the Naked 2 palette for myself, I can honestly say that UD's eyeshadows are some of my favourites, especially their shimmery shades. So I had pretty high hopes for this palette. Like I said, the palette features 12 eyeshadows, each 0.05 oz. They come in a heavy plastic+metal palette with a magnetic closure and an amazing mirror. The front has a transparent layer between the smoky image and the lettering, which are metal engravings. While I'm not a fan of the grey-brown smoke, the lettering on top of a clear plastic is really, really gorgeous.

Sephora's website describes these shadows as velvety, highly pigmented, long-lasting, and blendable. This sounds exactly like what I expect UD shadows to be.

This palette features 3 "quads:" the first 4 shades on the left are shimmery with micro-glitter, the middle 4 are a satin finish, and the last 4 are matte shades. I think this is the first time that UD organized a palette in this way, as the previous Naked palettes are more organized by lightest to darkest (or willy nilly, if you look at Naked2).

The shades themselves can be divided into two groups: neutrals and smoky shades. The blue and purple shades in this palette definitely inspire the smoky eye looks that you're meant to create with this palette. That being said, it certainly doesn't limit itself to only smoky eyes because of the gold and browns.

All of the shadows are incredibly pigmented, and what you see in the pan is what you'll get on the eye. The one problem I find with UD shadows though is that some shades, especially those with the shimmers I love, can have a lot of fallout. This can be easily avoided if I don't sweep the pan to pick up the shadow, and instead pat. Otherwise, UD knocks it out of the park again!

Swatched on the arm, Password and Whiskey were really patchy and disappointing. However, when I use a brush, they're just as high-impact, pigmented and blendable as every other shadow. (Admittedly, UD's matte formula just isn't as good as their shimmers). Radar is another one that was slightly disappointing. Even though it's listed as a shadow with micro-glitter, it isn't as shimmery as I expected and wanted it to be.

Smolder was definitely a surprise in this palette: I did not expect that kind of pigmentation! This one felt sooo buttery, but it was also the one most prone to fallout. Just look at that swatch though!

Another shade to note is Dirtysweet, one of the shimmer shades. It has a brown base (as seen in the swatch) but with highly reflective gold shimmer, making it appear gold when it isn't. It's no match to UD's Half Baked in terms of a gold shadow, though.

Overall, I do love this palette and I'm glad I do, because at $64 CAD this palette isn't cheap. While I don't reach for it every day, I love having this on hand for any opportunities for glam makeup.
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