1 January 2016

Happy New Year! 2015 in Review

Happy new year, guys! A whole year has completely breezed by and now we're all looking forward to what 2016 will bring.

At the very beginning of 2015, I wrote a post about my resolutions for the year, both blogging and in general. Now that it's nearing the end of 2015, I really want to do a recap and see how I did.

So in January, I told you I wanted to:
  • post at least once a week, and have at least 4 posts a month.
  • do more "lifestyle," "what am I up to" posts.
  • comment more on other bloggers' posts.
  • spend less in coffee shops and bring my own from home.
  • learn to cook more things, no matter how simple.
  • complete Project 365 and share a photo from every day in 2015!
I really really on top of my blog game this year with almost a consistent 8 posts a month, all the way up til October. Fourth year uni came crashing over me then, and posting slipped to approximately once a week. I'm really proud of how many posts I wrote and photographed this year! I don't think I did nearly as many lifestyle posts as I wanted, but I definitely did do more than before. And last in my blogging goals, I did start commenting a lot whenever I do read and catch up on my blogs. It prompted me to interact with a lot more people and give me that sense of community that I love in blogging.

I did spend less on coffee this year, I think, but I still made it to Gold status on my Starbucks card (through to 2017...) so take from that what you will. As for cooking, I made a lot of pasta. A lot.

Finally, I quit Project 365 just shy of halfway through because it was more challenging creatively than I had anticipated. I lost motivation once the summer break rolled around and I was struggling to find the summer internship I needed to graduate.

I think that was a balance of successes and failures. I'm pretty proud of what I achieved in 2015. So in 2016, I resolve to:
  • post at least once a week (again). 
  • give lightsmithing a facelift. 
  • get back into calligraphy and produce at least 3 pieces. (I'm setting the bar low.)
I do have other goals for 2016, but they're things I would like to work towards, rather than things I want to achieve for sure. I'm definitely looking into upgrading my equipment (my D200 is ready for retirement) and I'm really considering venturing into Youtube to supplement blogging. 

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