22 March 2016

CoverGirl trunaked Goldens Palette Review and Swatches

I won this palette in a giveaway hosted by the CBB network as part of a Twitter party (everyone should definitely join the next one; they're so much fun!). And because I haven't played with CoverGirl very much, I was really excited to see how this would perform. My previous experiences were a terrible blush and the Clump Crusher mascara, which I use pretty much daily now. With such extreme differences in performance, I really wanted to see how the trunaked palette would stack up.

The trunaked palettes come in three sets: Nudes, Roses, and the one I have, Goldens. CoverGirl describes these shadows as blendable and pigmented, and even declares they're just as good as the Urban Decay Naked palettes:
"Get the same look as a leading $50 eye shadow palette!" - CoverGirl's website

The packaging also suggests that these shadows can be used wet for more pigmentation, which is really interesting.

The palettes come with a double-ended sponge applicator. I haven't ever used one of these applicators and I wasn't about to start, so I tossed it after taking the photos. The palettes also don't come with a mirror, which I don't actually mind, since I only ever do my makeup in front of a larger mirror anyway.

Goldens is supposed to be a dupe for the original Naked palette, which I don't have, so I can't compare shades. But I've been playing around with this palette lately, and boy do I have things to say.

The Goldens palette has two matte shades and six shimmers/satins. All the shades HAVE NAMES, which are listed on the back. Y'all. I love eyeshadows with shade names. I just get so frustrated with palettes that don't have shade names. Is that just me?

So anyway, the matte shades (Creme and Cookie) felt more chalky when swatching with my finger for the swatches below, but they are easy to pick up and fairly pigmented when using a brush. That is to say, they don't come off quite as pigmented with a fluffy brush as they do when using my finger. But that isn't necessarily a bad thing, and they're easy to build up to be true to pan.

The shimmers, on the other hand, are surprisingly pigmented and soft. Some even a little too soft. Ecru was a little crumbly when swatching with my finger but the colour payoff was impressive. Chiffon was underwhelming on my skin tone, but in my opinion accurate to the pan. Lots of love to the shades Sunkissed and Ginger, but then again I just love those kinds of colours.

All of the shades blend easily, but are prone to looking muddy. Camel and Ecru are really easy to mess up and you lose the green tone that makes them so interesting.

In terms of longevity, I wear my Too Faced Shadow Insurance primer under every eyeshadow so I can't say how long they would last on their own. But with the primer, it's fade-free and crease-free for my stupidly long days. Definite win!

CoverGirl trunaked Goldens palette swatched dry

Even though drugstore brands have been coming out with better and better things, it still blows me away when a drugstore product can hold its own against higher end brands. While this palette isn't the best thing ever, I'm really impressed by it and I enjoy using it. To be honest though, this is a palette I'm more likely to pull out when testing eyeshadow looks on friends rather than on myself. I can trust that it'll do the job and look fab all day long. And if it gets damaged in transit while going to see my friends, it's not a $66CAD Naked palette and so it wouldn't hurt me emotionally (too much).

For under $15CAD and the range you get from just eight shades, I think this palette (and the Roses and Nudes iterations) are worth looking into. I might even pick up the Roses palette for myself!

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