11 March 2016

essence Liquid Lipsticks Review and Swatches

*This post contains PR samples.

When I first heard essence was jumping on the bandwagon and releasing liquid lipsticks, let me tell you: my excitement reached almost the same levels as when I heard Sephora was going to start carrying the Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. This news got me excited, y'all. A super cheap drugstore brand with a rep for high quality, releasing liquid lipsticks? I'm all in.

So, essence says this liquid lipstick, simply called Liquid Lipstick, has the "coverage of a lipstick" and the "moisturizing shine of a gloss." It goes on to say that it has a smooth, silky texture and dries shiny. Unlike other liquid lipsticks that I know and love, these are glossy and supposed to be that way.

The lipsticks have a cupcakey-vanilla scent but when I sniff the applicator (does anyone else do that??) I get a bit of a plasticky smell. Both scents go away really fast, and you can't even smell the plastic unless you literally sniff it out like I did.

Despite reminding me of goopy lip glossses of the olden days during application, the formula is not sticky at all and really comfortable on the lips. It applies kind of thick, but doesn't make dry spots look awful. It is, however, hard to get a clean edge using the applicator, especially on the corners of the lips.

In terms of longevity, the glossy finish means it'll transfer onto cups and food pretty easily. I think on me, they last 3 hours max, if not less. Even the darkest shade didn't leave a stain. So you'll be touching up fairly frequently. But if you're not eating nor drinking, it stays put. I didn't experience any feathering at all, thanks to the thick formula.

The 6-shade line consists of mostly neutral shades with the exception being Show Off!, a bright pink-red. All the shades are numbered 01-06, and they're swatched in that order below.

Colour Party is a petal pink that works as a really cute pinky nude for fair skintones. It's a lot more opaque than I expected it to be.

Beauty Secret is a rose with a bit of mauve, my favourite type of nude. It isn't completely opaque, but I don't mind that for a nude shade.

Almost Real is a weird shade. It's a brown nude and like Beauty Secret, it doesn't feel all the way opaque. I don't know. It's a really weird shade. I'm sure someone out there can make it work, but that isn't me.

Show Off! is a bright pink-based red with a ton of pigment. Really really surprised by this shade, and I can't wait to wear it!

Peach Party is a pink-peach shade that is brighter than I expected from the tube. I think it's super flattering on my skin tone and definitely a shade I would recommended.

Finally, Make a Statement is a reddy, rosy shade that is a bit deeper than I expected. But I love love love this colour.

So while I'm definitely disappointed these don't dry down matte, I'm surprised at how pigmented most of them are. These supposed "liquid lipsticks" are essentially pigmented glosses, so I'm personally a little leery about that.

If you like pigmented glosses, these essence "lipsticks" are okay. But at $4 CAD each, they're incredibly affordable, which is good if you're interested in trying one out. But unfortunately, they're not the dirt-cheap matte liquid lipsticks I was hoping for.

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