29 March 2016

essence NEW Foundation and Concealer!

*This post contains PR samples.


essence has just come out with a whole bunch of skin/base products as part of their Spring/Summer 2016 collection. The collection includes two types of foundation, stick concealers and three colour correctors. But since they're all base products, I've decided to lump them all together into one post. So sit tight; this will be a long one.

The first product is the Pure Nude Make-Up, which is a liquid foundation. It comes in three shades, all of which are pretty pale. It retails for $6 for 30mL. And it has a pump! It's meant to be lightweight and light coverage, with a semi-matte finish.

The foundation has a matching Pure Nude Concealer, which is a creamy matte twist-up crayon. It retails for $5. It claims to have a creamy and powdery texture that blends easily.

Pure Nude Make-Up with matching Pure Nude Concealer

It's a really watery foundation, and does deliver the promised light coverage. It has an old-school powdery makeup scent, which doesn't hang around for long but it's quite strong as you're applying it. The formula is surprisingly comfortable to wear. It sets solidly into an almost-matte natural finish that I wish my skin had all the time. However, it oxidizes enough to change the colour. I tried on 10 Pure Beige which looked too pale for me at first but it became noticeably a little too dark on me after about an hour. It started creasing about two hours in, but never felt greasy on my face. It lasted well without any fading or breaking apart for eight hours, and at that point I washed it off.

The concealers are soft and creamy. The "powdery" texture, as they call it, looks cakey even though they're such a light texture in my opinion. As for shades though, I think they're a good match to their corresponding foundations, so that makes finding your matching shade easier. They're easy to blend out, but they're only medium-coverage concealers.

The shade range is seriously lacking in this line, so I wouldn't even bother trying to find your match. But the foundation really surprised me, because I had expected it to get eaten up by the oils on my face by the third-hour mark. If the oxidized colour matches you, I'd say give it a shot. At $6, it's not a serious loss if you hate it. But I'd skip the concealer.

The second foundation in the line-up is the Soft Touch Mousse Make-Up. It's supposed to be lightweight, medium coverage, with a natural finish. This one has six shades, and also retails for $6. It contains 16g of product. I have two of the shades.

To start, I want to say I really love the packaging for this. The glass(?) tub is weighty and feels really nice in the hand. In terms of actual product though, the mousse foundation has a matte finish with a light-medium coverage. The texture is really soft and cushy, like a whipped mousse. But I have no idea how best to apply this. Buffing brush?  Beauty blender? My fingers?

I find this foundation catches onto dry spots really easily. It feels really comfortable on the skin though. Like the liquid foundation, it settled into the creases around my mouth and nose about two hours in. It started to feel a liiiiiittle bit greasy at the five-hour mark, but held up nicely until about the six-hour mark. At that point, I felt greasy enough to want to blot, and I could see makeup on my fingers if I touched my face. But it didn't look greasy at all, which is strange but good. I washed it off after about eight hours, but I could see that it was starting to break down on my chin.

Another note is that I think this might have broken me out? I woke up with a few new whiteheads, but nothing serious acne-wise. I'm acne-prone anyway so it may be unrelated.

I'm not particularly wowed by this foundation, but this one does have more shade options. As for a shade reference, 01 Matt Sand is too pink for me.

The two foundations and the concealer are all Loblaws-exclusives.

Aaand finally, essence now also has three colour correctors. They're called the Say NO to... and target three different skin issues. Say NO to Redness is Pastel Green, Say NO to Imperfections is Natural Beige, and Say NO to Dark Circles is Bright Rosé. They're supposed to be soft and blendable. Like the Pure Nude Concealers, they're a twist-up crayon but these ones are smaller in size. They retail for $4.

I find the texture of these really weird. They really are soft and blendable as claimed, but the appearance on the skin is kind of...powdery? I'm not sure how I feel about that, but it doesn't interfere with my regular foundation. They blend out easily and stay all day under my foundation. It does catch on dry spots though.

If you're interested in trying colour correcting, I think these are a good place to start. They work well enough to have the effect of colour correcting, but they're not a huge monetary investment (*cough* Becca's $34 pots of corrector) The colour correctors are available at Shoppers Drug Mart and Loblaws, I think.

So while none of these new essence base products really blew me away, I'm glad that such an affordable brand known for its quality products is getting more diverse in its product lineup.

Congrats on getting all the way to the end. You're a champ. Gold stickers for everyone (figuratively)!

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