15 March 2016

essence NEW Lip Glosses for SS16 Review and Swatches

Ah, lip gloss. My first "makeup" items were lip glosses, and I was obsessed with all the super goopy, super glittery, fruit-scented lip glosses that were all the rage during 2006-2008. That strawberry creme swirly glitter gloss from Lip Smackers was my pride and joy.

Fast forward to today, and sticky, shiny lips just aren't my thing anymore. I still own more lip gloss than I would ever need, but I reach for them significantly less. But since I was invited to the essence Spring/Summer 2016 preview event, I was sent home with all of their new lip glosses and I'll be damned if I overlook these. Lip gloss just gets me all nostalgic.

First thing to note is that the essence lip glosses come in three different lines, one of which is broken down into two.

The first is the XXXL Shine glosses, which is an existing line and just has a new shade.

The next is the XXXL Nude glosses, which come in three (understandably) sheer nude shades.

Then, you have the XXXL Longlasting glosses, which have two finishes: glossy and matte (!!!!). I have three shades from each finish, but on looking at the essence website, there are two shades I don't have, but I also have a shade that isn't listed. Confusing, but okay.

Something's changed since I first fell in love with lip gloss, and these essence offerings are not the sticky, goopy mess that I remember from my tween days. Like, I can press my lips together and they won't feel like I literally applied glue to them. Hair will still stick to your lips with this on, but it's not the same god-awful experience as in ye olden days.

They're super shiny, but they're comfortable. They still don't last long and even the longlasting ones won't last past 4 hours. They apply much nicer than the liquid lipsticks, though.

Like the liquid lipsticks, these have a cupcake-vanilla scent. I'm not a fan, but it's a really pleasant smell! Some of these look like they have really fine shimmer in them when you look at the tubes, but they really don't show up in swatches nor on the lips.

One of the really big turn-offs for me, though, is that the applicator for the glosses is really floppy. It gets the job done, but I just wish it was a little less flexible. The matte ones have a different applicator, which is wider and just the right amount of flexibility.

I just gotta say, @ Popping Pink? Damn. Wow. I did not expect that. Okay. Very surprised, and not sure if it's in a good or bad way.

None of the glosses are opaque, but several of them do have surprising amounts of pigment. I'm really used to clear glosses, so anything that shows up as more than the faintest of tints on my lips surprises me. AKA I expect literally every gloss to be like Shy Beauty or Just Nude!

There is a Colour Party shade in both the glosses and the liquid lipsticks, but they're very different colours. Here, it's a warm pink, but the liquid lipstick "version" is a pinky nude. Just something to note, I guess.

If you like glossy lips and like the smell of vanilla, I completely and wholeheartedly recommend these. While they don't convert me back into a lip gloss lover, I'm definitely open to trying it out again.

Aaand for the exciting stuff. The mattes. So, these are matte straight from the get-go. No drying time needed. They're more of a mousse texture, very much like the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams, but a tad drier in formula. They sort of feel chalky after a few minutes, but they're still surprisingly comfortable on the lips. I should also note that they apply sheerer on the lips than they do on arm swatches, but I don't find them to be patchy. They certainly don't look bad.

Now these were what I had hoped the new essence Liquid Lipsticks would have been. A cheap (~$3.50!), drugstore, entry-level matte liquid lipstick for someone who was just getting into the trend. They're not the super intense pigment of higher end liquid lipsticks, so it's a great way to ease yourself into it.

While at the end of the day, I'd probably pass on the glosses since I just don't wear them that much, but I'm glad there are now dirt-cheap matte liquid lipsticks available at the drugstore.

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