9 May 2016

Olay Regenerist Facial Cleasing Brush Review

*Not purchased; won in giveaway

The facial cleansing brush is packaged as part of Olay's Regenerist Advanced Anti-Aging line, and so claims to not only clean skin but also better prepare skin for whatever other anti-aging treatments you've got. The brush box set comes with the handle, two brush heads and two AA batteries. Boxes of two replacement brush heads can be purchased separately.

The cleansing brush is essentially a round spinning brush, kind of a Clarisonic but at less than a fifth of the cost. It has two speeds, controlled by a toggle button on the back of the handle. The other (bigger) button turns it on and off.

The brush itself is smaller and more compact than I expected it to be, but I really love how small it is. It's super easy to store in my bathroom cabinet. It's also comfortable to hold and use.

I'm going to say it now: I had a hell of a time removing the battery cover so I could put the batteries in. The surface isn't completely smooth, but it's sealed incredibly well to ensure that it's waterproof. But anyway, I figured it out. The box and accompanying pamphlet actually don't call the cleansing brush "waterproof." Instead, it's described as "water-resistant" but "do not submerge in water." I've never tested how it works underwater but I've dropped it in my sink a few times. It's fine. :D

Olay calls the brush heads their "Gentle Brush Heads," which I find funny given that there aren't any other options. I feel like I have to apply a decent amount of pressure so that I get the physical exfoliating feeling that I like. The only thing I don't like about the brushes is that the bristles feel a bit long and so are too flexible given the amount of pressure I put on them. The brush heads should be replaced every three months, or more frequently if they're worn out.

I think this brush is really good at exfoliating my skin without aggravating it, and my skin feels a billion times smoother afterward. Because how much more aggressive this is versus just using my hands, I've seen a dramatic decrease in acne in the past two months of using it. I did experience two-ish weeks of increased acne because the exfoliation was bringing gunk out to the surface, but after that went away, so did almost everything else.

I love the feeling of my skin after using this brush, and it's something I do every single night as part of my routine before bed. And it's definitely gentle enough to use daily!

You're supposed to massage your cleanser onto your face before you go in with the brush rather than putting the cleanser directly on the brush. It works both ways, but I get a lather faster when I put the cleanser on my face first. So far, I've been using The Body Shop's tea tree gel cleanser (love it!) and the cleansing brush works great with it.

I personally recommend using gel-type cleansers with the brush but it's not bad with creams. But for sure, I wouldn't use a cleanser that has physical exfoliators in it because that would be too much for my skin.

So while I can't compare this to the ever-popular Clarisonic cleansing brushes because I've never tried that, I really like how the Olay offering performs. I've found it for $36 CAD at Shoppers Drug Mart, with the replacement brush heads for $14 CAD.

*Not purchased; won in giveaway

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