25 May 2016

Summer Mani Go-To's

Sunshine seems to make me want to bust out all my nail polishes and start doing at-home mani-pedis again. I haven't done my nails regularly since September, but the idea of wearing sandals again makes me want to get right back into it! So today I'm sharing my top nail polish picks for this summer. I know I'll be wearing these four over and over again all season!

While everyone seems to love pastels for spring, I'm really into them once temps hit 20°C+. I love mints for my pastels, and essence's Play with My Mint is the perfect shade. I also love the wide brush of these polishes since they make covering the nail super easy.

Essie's Tart Deco is a pale neon orange which sounds like it shouldn't exist, but it does and it looks so good. I love this one especially on the toes. In a similar vein, Sephora's Formula X polish in A+, a vibrant raspberry, is another bright shade for the summertime. It looks awesome on both fingers and toes, but I think it looks particularly awesome against a pair of strappy black sandals.

And finally, I wouldn't be my monochromatic self if I only included colour, now would I? I love a white polish year round, but during the summer white just pops so much more. I use Superstar from Pure Ice, which is a surprisingly decent polish for such a low price. It's opaque in two coats, sometimes three if you do really thin layers. Then it lasts surprisingly well on me, considering I abuse the heck out of my nails doing so much typing work daily. This is definitely a good find from the drugstore!

What's your go-to summer shade?

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